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    Why The Outrage Over Ontario’s Updated Sex Ed. Curriculum Is A DAMN SHAME

    A week ago, I called my mother to ask for some pro-tips on how to make my own homemade creamy, Alfredo pasta sauce. After providing me with a list of ingredients, which...


    It’s NOT Your Fault Who You ATTRACT – It’s Your Fault Who You ENTERTAIN

    99.75% of the time I’m on Instagram reading peoples sorry ass, depressed ass, repetitive ass posts about failing in love, I find myself struggling between ignoring the relationship drama...

    Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.51.15 AM

    STOP Telling Black People We’re Being OVERSENSITIVE When White Women Say Ignorant Shit

    I don’t watch award shows, but I’m sure I’ve written that on this blog many times before. Because of my reluctance to engage in watching boring, monotonous and non...


    New R&B Podcast [Feb. 22/15]: Hygiene & Intelligence Are The NEW T&A

    On this week’s podcast we talk about the MONEY AND VIOLENCE web series and whether or not it’s a negative show for Black people. I also touch on the...


    OH DEAR GOD! Who The Hell Knew That Beyoncé Is – HUMAN!

    There are two things that I seem to notice happening regularly on social media. First, I always see a set of dudes using airbrushed and photoshopped pictures of famous...


    The Inconvenient Truth Kendrick Lamar Revealed About How #BlackLivesMatter

    Ever since Mike Brown’s body was conspicuously left to bake in the summer heat on Canfield drive after being riddled with bullets from the gun of ex-officer Darren Wilson,...


    99% of the “Black History” Lessons Taught To Our Children in School is USELESS

    When I was 14 years old, I spent an entire summer reading books on Black history. I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Roots, and many other books that...


    Single Men’s Biggest Dating Pet Peeve

    A few weeks ago, I hosted an event with hundreds of single men and women. We discussed whether single people have unrealistic dating expectations in today’s society. During the...


    New R&B Podcast [Feb. 1/15]: What The FUCK Is Making Love?!

    On this week’s podcast I address the horrific, inexcusable play call that ended Super Bowl 49 and the big-ass snowstorm that accompanied it. I also touch on the IDIOTS...


    New R&B Podcast [Jan. 25/15]: Ratchet-Ass-Tolerance-Based Dating

    On this week’s podcast, I talk about my thoughts on the movie “Selma”, the woman who lost her damn mind and decided to throw herself a wedding – to...


    New R&B Podcast [Jan. 18/15]: Do Torontonians Have Unrealistic Expectations?! (Show Review)

    On this week’s podcast, I give a full review of the R&B: Relationships & Bullsh*t show, as well as revealing everything that occurred leading up to, and behind the...


    The Best Way We Can Honour Martin Luther King On His Birthday

    In today’s social media-focused world, celebrities, politicians, and average citizens celebrate the birthdays of colossal historic figures by flooding timelines with photos of the person and their most famous...