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    Why I Don’t Give A DAMN What Coons Think About MARRIAGE EQUALITY (Or ANY Topic)

    In the United States, the only thing more well-known than March Madness is spring break, but as far as sports go, there is no bigger event. For three weekends,...


    New R&B Podcast [Mar. 29/15]: Vous êtes Kawasaki Chan

    On this weeks podcast I talk about the fact that too many people are out here shaming young-ass Karate Tran for involving herself in a dysfunctional relationship when A...

    Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 3.37.43 PM

    These Black Sitcoms Show What The Black Experience Is LIke In Each Part Of The GTA

    As a man who has spent damn near his entire life in different parts of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) it’s actually pretty funny/cool/interesting to hear folks all over...


    Black People’s Endless Pursuit Towards The Privilege of Individuality

    One of the longest running half-joking/half-serious ideologies in the modern Black community is the idea that the “problematic” behaviour of an individual or group of Black people can lead to...


    New R&B Podcast [Mar. 22/15]: Butterfly Pimping Part 2

    On this week’s podcast, I talk rappers who are too scared to experiment with their music, and I give my new thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly”...


    The ONLY “To Pimp A Butterfly” Album Review You’ll Ever Need To Read…

    The ONLY “To Pimp A Butterfly” album review you’ll ever need to read…has not been written yet. And this is NOT where you will find it. But, in a...


    New R&B Podcast [Mar. 15/15]: Butterfly Pimping

    On this week’s podcast I talk about why many women tend to enjoy their sex lives after 40 more than men do and why I hate hearing these new...


    The Day Toronto Rioted After An Unarmed Black Man Was Shot

    In the wake of Tony Robinson’s execution in Wisconsin and the resulting fall-out from another Black boy being gunned down by police amidst shaky circumstances, there’s an all-too familiar...


    New R&B Podcast [Mar. 1/15]: Drake Is A LEGEND?! REALLY?!

    On this weeks podcast I give my opinion on why Tiger Woods is REALLY struggling to win golf tournaments. I also explain why men hate the terms “put in...


    Why The Outrage Over Ontario’s Updated Sex Ed. Curriculum Is A DAMN SHAME

    A week ago, I called my mother to ask for some pro-tips on how to make my own homemade creamy, Alfredo pasta sauce. After providing me with a list of ingredients, which...


    It’s NOT Your Fault Who You ATTRACT – It’s Your Fault Who You ENTERTAIN

    99.75% of the time I’m on Instagram reading peoples sorry ass, depressed ass, repetitive ass posts about failing in love, I find myself struggling between ignoring the relationship drama...

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    STOP Telling Black People We’re Being OVERSENSITIVE When White Women Say Ignorant Shit

    I don’t watch award shows, but I’m sure I’ve written that on this blog many times before. Because of my reluctance to engage in watching boring, monotonous and non...