Gay People: Your Struggle Has NOTHING In Common With Black People

In Their Recent Fight To Legalize Gay Marriage And Have Their Lifestyle Choice More Openly Accepted, The LBGT Society Has Embarked On A Crusade To End Discrimination. Seeing As How I Am NOT Gay & Have NO Interest In Their Lifestyles At All, I Simply Wish Them The Best And Hope They Can Have Their Relationships Legally Recognized For The Law, But I WILL NOT Support Them In Using Black People’s Struggle For Civil Rights As An Analogical Comparison For The Situation They Are Currently Going Through.

Unlike Being Gay, Being Black Means I Can Not Hide Nor Play Down My Skin Colour Whenever I Feel Like It.

As A Black Person, I Love Being Black, But It’s Clear That My Skin Colour Visually And Obviously Precedes Me To The Point Where No Matter How Disadvantageous It May Be Black At That Particular Time I Can NOT Hide It. I Am Constantly Bearing The Brunt Of My Pigmentation At All Times. For Some Black Folk, If We Could Turn Our “Black-ness” Off To Avoid Prejudice Or Just Simply For A Moment Of Peace, We Would DO That Occasionally. If I Knew I Could Flip A Switch So I Don’t Get Pulled Over All The Damn Time, Or Be Disqualified For A Job Interview Based On My Complexion I WOULD DO THAT.

Now There’s Some People Who Would Argue That Being Gay is Just As Obvious As Being Black, And To Them I Call BULLSH*T. There Is A Big Difference Between Being Gay And “Acting Gay“. Being Just Simply Refers To Your Sexual Preference, While “Acting” Refers To This Whole Stereotypical, Clown-Like, Corny-A*s Flamboyancy That Some Gays Choose To Overdo. Why Are You A Grown A*s Man Lisping, And Over-Extending Multi-Syllabic Words (“FOB-YOU-LUSS”) And You Keep Brushing Your Bangs Back But You Have A Damn Bald Fade? You Walk Around In A Skirt And High Heels As A Grown A*s Man, Acting More Feminine Than Most WOMEN I Know, And Think We Are Laughing At You Because We Are Homophobic: Naw Son, It’s Because You Look STUPID As Hell.

And What Kills Me Is That If You Show Me Any Large Metropolitan City In North America, I Will Guarantee You There Is A Large Sector Of “Undercover Brothers” Who Are Gay As Hell, But Fit Into Society As Regular Men Because They Aren’t Talking All Loud, Snapping Their Fingers And Switching Their Hips.

And That’s What Makes Us Intrinsically Different Gay Person – You CAN Hide Your Sexual Preference. Theoretically, No One Should HAVE To And Hopefully One Day We Will Live In A World Free From Discrimination, But Realistically Society Is Just The Way It Is Right Now.  Until The Day Things Change, If You Want To Walk Around In A Black Leotard And Rainbow Bandana Doing Beyonce’s Single Ladies Dance In The Middle Of The Park, I Am Going To Continue To Laugh At Your A*s.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience