If You Tattoo Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s Name On Your Body – You Have Officially FAILED At Life

Please Understand That There Is NOTHING Cute About Having An Ex’s Name Plastered ANYWHERE On Your Body Especially After You Break Up And Decide To Change His Name Into A Speed Bump Or Iphone With Wings Or Something Really Stupid That You Need To Now COVER It Up With. Understand That Name Tattoo’s Are ONLY Suitable For: Tributes, Family Members, Children &Your MARRIED Life Partner. The Idiot That You Been Dating For 2 And A Half Months And You Don’t Even LIVE With Or Are Even ENGAGED To, Does Not Qualify.

Though I Hope Nick And Mariah’s Relationship Works Out And It Does Fall In The Guideline Of Acceptable Name Tattoo, That’s Gonna Be A B*TCH To Remove If They Ever Split Up. What Is He Gonna Use To Cover That Up? A Life Size Playstation 3 Tat?

Please Get It Together, Tattoo’s Are Suppose To Be For A Lifetime, Not Just What’s Hot In The Streets Today.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience