Male Celebrities/Athletes: The Days Of FREE Nani Have Officially Come To An End

Lil Wayne/Young Money/Bow Wow Get Their Richard Size And CELL PHONE NUMBERS Put On Blast:

Portland Trailblazer Greg Oden Naked Pics Leaked:

Miami Heat Player Dorell Wright’s Naked Pics & “Insecurity” Leaked Online:

These Are Just Three Of MANY Recent Instances Where Male Celebrities Are Finding All Their Damn Business Put On To The Street And In This Case The Blame Should Be Shared Equally Amongst Three Particular Parties:


I Remember When This B*tch Came On The Scene With Her Bullsh*t Accusations And Outings, More Specifically Though The Fact That There Were MANY Women Who Felt She Was Not WRONG For Doing What She Did. Y’all Were Saying “If They Are Gonna Treat Her Like A Piece Of Trash, She Is Right For Getting Them Back“…What You IDIOTS Didn’t Understand About The Baller-Hoe Covenant Is That The Deal Is This:

Good Looking Women With Nothing Going For Them Besides Their Bodies TRADE Sex For Material Gains Such As Money, Cars, Jewelery, etc.

Superhead Made A GOOD Life Out Of Well, Giving Super Head And Her Greedy Ass BROKE The Covenant By Exposing Pictures & Names, But WORSE She Showed A Generation Of Future SMUTS That Their IS Financial Gain And A Career Behind Being A Whore. This Can Be Seen Directly With Tiger’s Women (One Who Actually Landed A Reporter Job After The Scandal Broke) And Now KAT STACKS Whose Uneducated Ass Is About To Make A GRIP Of Money Off Of Sucking Random Richard And Being A Skeezebag.

2) US

[Arrested Development] “Ahhhhhh It’s Every-Day Peopleeee” [/Arrested Development]
We Are Too Addicted To This Bullsh*t.


Someone Please Tell These DUMB ASSES To Stop:
– Emailing And MMS Pics Of Your Richard
– Sending Incriminating Text Messages
– Making Videos
– Trying To Stick Your Richard Into Anything With Two Legs
– Just Being An Overall Dirtbag

Being A Celebrity Today Is Not The Same As 30, 20 Or Even 10 Years Ago. It’s A New Day And If You Are Not Careful, You Are Gonna Wake Up One Morning And Find Your Balls And Taint On The Front Page Of Every Blog On The Net.

I Bet The Wifey You Left Because You “Just Wanna Do You” Is Looking A Lot Better Now Huh?

This Is Your Conscience

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