Men Claim To Want Ms. Classy But Chase Ms. Trashy [By: Filsan A]

It seems the difference between fantasy and reality is not as rigid as one might think it is since men are beginning to live out their fantasies– either that or women of class are no longer the norm. If you watched Oprah last Monday you might have heard Usher say, “There is a dichotomy between fantasy and reality.” Is this a true statement when it comes to relationships?

One trend piece today claims that men prefer “trashy girls” (as calls them), to classy girls. The definition of trashy in this context is synonymous with slut; from the way a woman dresses to the licentious way she carries herself in public. In this category you can also include women who have no qualms sleeping with married men, the woman that acts like a stripper but is really not a stripper, and those that have a rather questionable career (i.e. is an escort or pin-up model). Classy on the other hand, refers to a woman with more refined manners, elegance and a sense of sophistication. When I say classy think: Kerry Washington. Now, men like to believe they prefer the latter, but reality is, the “baddest chick” in the game is what’s in fashion.

There are about a few hundred reasons why men would choose to be with women like, say, women from the cast of “Flavor of love”. Some include the obvious reasons- the more edgier girls will do anything to please her man (even it crosses the line between what’s acceptable and what’s not) and, unlike the more classier women, they are a lot easier to attract. Before, it was more of a surreptitious affair between men and these women, Jesse James and Tiger Woods “hung out” with them behind closed doors (when they cheated on their partners with porn stars and fetish models). More recently however, men like Mario, Drake and Flo Rider are taking it a step further and actually publicly courting these women.

This isn’t meant to belittle women, I understand that all women are entitled to some level of respect regardless of what they do with themselves—what I don’t understand is the double standard demonstrated when men claim to want to be with a lady and then date a woman that most will label as “trashy”.

Men are free to date whosoever they want to, but relationships with ‘bad girls’ don’t always end well—since most of these women usually have a different philosophy when it comes to relationships, and like they say, “ you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.”

This Is Your Conscience

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