The Woman NO Man Wants To Date: The [Emotionally] MANLY-Girl

"Smile and look happy for the camera baby - or else I'mma throw your monkey-a*s out MY lambo before you know what hit you"

Ladies, let’s have talk about the MANLY women and a we’re not talking about female bodybuilders, but the two types of Manly-women that exist in our modern day culture: Financially MANLY and Emotionally MANLY. Though one is what most [non b*tch-like] men want, the other is just completely unacceptable.What many women fail to realize is that most men who do NOT have a safety net [i.e. living at home with their parents, trust fund babies, etc.] are actually very much in search of a woman who is Financially MANLY. I use Manly not as a way to insult women, but just to refer to historical contexts of gender roles, where men have predominantly been characterized as career-driven and money-focused and more willing to put their financial success over relationships and emotional accomplishments. Men understand the NECESSITY of a double-income household and appreciate a woman who has her own, as long as she doesn’t force the fact that she makes MORE down his throat every second argument.

A financially “Manly” woman works long hours regardless of her personal life. She unapologetically can put her career first in-front of her man and stays on her grind regardless of her emotional state. These are traits that were typically only credited to men, that women display now, and SMART men LOVE that. Click Here.

The woman that ANY and EVERY man tries to avoid, is the woman who can unemotionally approach dating and relationships with a mindset similar to that of a manthere’s something about a woman being unemotional about her feelings for him that lends to the biggest turn off EVER.

A young woman asked me on Friday “so just because you guys break up, you want her to act as if her life’s over and she can’t go on?” To which I replied, “yeah, kind of.”

Before I get called a chauvinistic pig, let me explain.

I, like most men, are weary about giving our hearts to a woman, but when we do make ourselves vulnerable and start to build a special bond with her, it is extremely important to us to know that what we are creating is mutually important to both of us. NO man wants to give his heart to a woman that will treat it like a used condom and dash it out the back seat window after a quickie in a Chili’s parking lot. If there is one slightly old-school-possibly gender-role sexist-ideology that most men still carry in their hearts to this day is they want their woman to be more emotionally invested in the relationship then they are. I don’t care how progressive or bougie he tries to convince everyone he is, men want a woman that LOVES hard with all her heart and doesn’t mind showing it.

A woman becomes emotionally “MANLY” when she can brush things off her shoulder easily. As much as men hate having a woman complain about his female friends, he LOVES the fact that she at least CARES. For her to be MANLY like “negro, don’t nobody care about who texts you at 3 a.m” it makes him weary of her and her true feelings. If she can stare in the face of a potential break up like “oh you wanna break up? Ah well, sayanora you sorry n*gga. Go tell someone who cares” then he will look at her as a total waste of time, because all the time they spent together he will leave like he NEVER really created a bond with her, because she’s too manly. Men WANT a woman who can at least experience REMORSE.

Now OBVIOUSLY I don’t want her to act as if she’s ready to go Fantasia on her Advil just because we are breaking up, but I definitely want it to TOUCH her enough to break past her “Manly” masculine and unemotional exterior and connect with her heart in an obvious manner because it connected with mine.

Now I know a lot of unemotional women, who don’t cry over men and don’t generally show they care during the tough times when the MAN might actually need reassurance – these women are in a tough spot. Men don’t need you to act as “girly” and ultra-feminine, just understand that you steely-eyed resolution to remain unfazed and firmly undaunted by even the most emotionally traumatic of scenarios is not a GOOD thing – it’s a HORRIBLE thing that shouldn’t even be considered MANLY because there’s nothing UN-MANLY about showing someone who much you love(d) your significant other.

This Is Your Conscience

When Lincoln Anthony Blades is not writing for his controversial and critically acclaimed blog, he can be found contributing articles for Uptown Magazine. Lincoln wrote the hilarious and insightful book "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass". He is also a public speaker who has sat on panels all over North America and the Caribbean.

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  1. VidalGracey

    12/02/2016 at 4:16 PM

    this is a terrible article, if a woman is “emotionally manly” and can get over things easily, that shows that she’s strong. I hope that no girl acts how you want her to, you are a terrible person.