It’s OFFICIAL: Saying Light Skinned-Women Are SEXY Is Politically INCORRECT

The worst thing a man can say in public about his personal preference in women, is “I like light-skinned women.”

For a dude to say that nowadays he is opening himself up to being called Yung Berg and accusing all Dark skin women of being “Dark Butts.” Now me personally I don’t have a personal preference on skin colour, I just have a preference of attractiveness which is not limited to any hue of Black, Brown, White, Red, Yellow, etc. And for any man to have the same preference, he should NOT and realistically CAN NOT be faulted or demonized for his taste.

I have stated on this site MANY TIMES that I can’t understand how a man can’t find Darker Skinned women GORGEOUS, such as:

BUT I can NOT and will NOT say that he is stupid for not wanting to wife up, have sex with, impregnate, any Dark skin women because ultimately that is HIS call and it’s HIS life, like I stated HERE.

Now with that said, I am more than fully aware of the challenges Dark skin women face, since my sister is Dark, and I am fully aware that many men disregard dating Dark women mainly out of pure ignorance. It’s disgusting to hear men of ANY race talk about Dark skin women of ANY race as if they are just inherently less attractive and when they find one that is, it is some kind of MIRACLE that makes them state “Oh, she’s gorgeous – for a dark girl.” And Black people don’t think that this anti-Dark bias is central to just us, because it occurs amongst Indian people, Oriental people, and even Hispanics as well. Every modern culture seems to praise Light as Right, and that definitely should NOT be encouraged.

But with that said, we must not make it so one-sided to the point that saying you like NON-Dark skin women now becomes some sort of PREJUDICE statement. We can’t let the Sandra Rose’s of the world dictate our sexual taste, because who you want to give yourself to, spend time with and possibly start a life with, should NOT be dictated by social pressures. Beautiful women exist in EVERY skin tone, and it’s not inherently PREJUDICE to simply state one’s TASTE, as long as it isn’t done by DEGRADED an entire group.

This Is Your Conscience

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