When It Comes To Sexuality, Everyone You Know Is NASTIER Than You Think

On a recent episode of Russell Simmons’ BS show which I don’t know nor care what it’s called, Amber Rose stated that she “likes a man to spit in her face and punch her” [which didn’t make me blink, seeing as Amber never gave me the impression of a Nobel Prize laureate] but to which ignited blog commentaries and responses stating she is not CLASSY and she’s a nasty, freak, h0e – to which I state, yeah, we ALL are.

Now I will say that she was obviously just joking to make the point that she wants a masculine-a*s man and not some soft-a*s, over-emotional Ralph Tresvant-a*s nigga singing songs of heartbreak. But what disgusts me is the fact that people love to claim moral and sexual superiority over other people, when as human beings we are all intrinsically freaky and somewhat nasty. As much of an open society as we claim to have, the topic of sex is still highly taboo. But society cannot dictate the sexual expressiveness in someone’s mind no matter how hard we try.

If you are not a FREAK and you are reading this getting ready to claim that very same moral and sexual superiority, please refrain from doing that because you simply will not fool me with that act. Human beings all have base sexual desires that extend far beyond societal niceties, but we just aren’t ALLOWED to express them freely without fear of reprimand or embarrassment. It kills me with laughter everytime I see a celebrity get exposed (i.e. Kim Kardashian’s sex tape) and people start to prattle on about how sexually deviant she is, as if explicit sexual behaviour is only common to a select group of people. I got news for you: Kim K isn’t the only woman to beg a man to cum in her face and you don’t need to look beyond your English professor, nurse, bus driver, lunch lady, mailwoman or BEST FRIEND to find a woman who HAS uttered that.

Listen, now matter what society tries to impart, we are ALL sexual beings with nasty, freaky and wholly impolite thoughts on the subject. Whether you have the balls [or ovaries] to take that step is all on you, but to deny the occurrence of the THOUGHT is just straight up FRAUD. But then again, be careful if you want to buy-out that argument, because if you really are DEVOID of sexual creativity that’s NOT something you should be bragging about.

This Is Your Conscience

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