The Black Woman Booty Conundrum: Why Black Women MUST Have Big A*ses

This past weekend I was having a discussion with a young woman about one of my blog topics I wrote months ago []. She stated that while she DOES agree that there is negative imagery heaped upon Black men by the characterization of the MANDINDO sexual warrior, BUT it pales in comparison to the characterization of how Black women WITHOUT ample amounts of Booty are treated in total – especially by OTHER Blacks.

The booty pic above is not just solely for stimulating visual effect, but it typifies what the world [including MOST Black people] like in a beautiful a*s, yet seemingly DEMAND unflinchingly from Black women. She continued to state that this is NOT just a psycho-sexual issue about identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the modern day Black woman’s struggle with staying sexy, but something a LOT deeper than that: According to her, we as a society have not only correlated the Black woman’s bum with her sexual identity, but with her overall worthiness of being a Black woman – and I could not agree anymore.

After taking a step back to really think about it, there is a difference in characterization between any race of women NOT having a DONK and Black women who don’t. When it comes to causcasian, a*s size is nothing more than a footnote; a physical character that can be used to describe a woman if she so pleases.

If she sits down too fast, guarantee she dislodges some vertebrae

And while Latin & Asian women face their own steep battles of objective beauty, the reality is there is nothing more annoying and potentially self-sabotaging to the female psyche than a Black woman who, for all intents and purposes is gorgeous and attractive:

But then has to explain why she has this dragging behind her:

When I first heard that Countess Vaughn (a.k.a. Kim Parker from The Parkers) got a booty-implant, I was actually not surprised at all, because like so many Black women, she wrapped her a*s-appeal around more than just looking SEXY, but looking like a “Real” Black woman. And while it would be so easy to blame the white man and their prejudicial eye of Sara Baartman, I’m afraid the continuation of this stereotype likes in the hands of US – ALL Black people.

The reality is, we STILL don’t have the Black Female form in proper perspective. We as Black folk need to STOP attributing lack of assets to being inherently less Black but hopefully we can address this topic like mature adults and not just run away from the conversation like we seen a ghost – or Vybz Kartel holding a tin of Cake Soap.

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