Who’s More Complicated When It Comes To Love, Men Or Women? C’mon We ALL Know It’s OBVIOUS

So I was having a friendly debate with a young lady yesterday who said the following to me: “Men ACT simple, but they’re just as complicated as women. The only thing straightforward is your desire for booty, but beyond that you guys don’t know what you want.” Though she has a good argument, she was wrong on two points: 1) Men DO know what we want and (2) When it comes to relationships, WOMEN are WAY more complicated than men.

Ladies, let me give you some insight into the male mind: There are only 1 of 2 possible relationship scenarios that we can be in – either we are ‘Together’ or we are ‘NOT Together.’ For a man, we don’t understand the concept of anything IN-BETWEEN, that would relate to things being complicated or hard to understand. Either we are together as girlfriend & boyfriend, engaged or married, or we are NOT together and we are just friends with benefits, cut-buddies, exes who still have sex or just two separate single people. Whatever the specific delineation of our title, the fact is we are either ‘Together’ or ‘NOT Together.’

Now when it comes to women, y’all have an entirely different interpretation of sex and relationship scenarios because you allow your emotions towards the situation at hand to dictate your description of it. How many times have you heard a woman say “it’s kinda complicated right now because we are working through some things” – but if you ask the man what is their current status, he would be like “I’m single, but we do talk and have sex occasionally.”

I have always given women what I call the “Facebook Status Test” and I will now give that test to the women reading today’s post. Go look on Facebook and see if you can find 10 people who have the relationship status “It’s complicated” and then come back and tell me how many were MEN and how many were WOMEN. I can almost GUARANTEE the majority of women who have that Facebook status will be WOMEN. Because while a man feels he is either single or in a relationship when is updating that, women usually apply the thought process below:

In fact, I even remember one of my female friends updating her relationship status to “It’s complicated” at the SAME EXACT TIME her recent-ex had his status as “single.”

The one thing I will say about men is that most of us SUCK at knowing how to get what we want, even though we are usually very clear about what it is that we want. Some men want to just have multiple sex partners, not be committed to anyone and just be free to live their lives – but they DON’T know how to do that without lying or fronting to some of the women to appear to care for them more then they do. Some men may know a woman they really like and have N CLUE as to how to get her in a relationship, so he lies and says he “just wants to be friends” or he’s “Cool with just being friends with benefits.” Unfortunately, In a man’s mind, the path of least resistance to nani is paved on a road of deceit and duplicity.

But in the end, complexity of love is a topic that is made for and by women, because men are very basic creatures when it comes to love and sex: Either it’s “we” or just “me”.

This Is Your Conscience

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