Around The Way Girls Are OVERRATED

For those of you who have never visited Toronto, Canada, it is one of the largest and most diverse cities in North America, if not the entire world. As I walked downtown on a gorgeous [and surprisingly warm and sunny March afternoon] on Saturday with my boy, we had to take time out of our day to marvel at the beauty of Toronto women in all their multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-social epicness – and also take a moment to realize how OVERRATED “Around The Way” girls are.

Yes, I LOVE LL Cool J’s song above – and for a long time I desired the same girl he was talking about, because that perfectly exemplified the type of girls who would be chillin’ around MY way. But as we all grow older, more and more men are looking around at the same women and realizing, as much as they will always have love in their heart for these women, they really don’t interest them anymore.

Now, those Around The Way women reflect the epitome of MONOTONY.

At this point, many people reading this are taking this as an affront against Black women, women living in the inner cities and women from the West Indies, when it’s NOT that at all. This is NOT just some average-a*s pro-interracial-dating rant, because the fact is, living in this city, men meet a lot of women of different races who are JUST LIKE the very same around the way girls they are trying to AVOID. I will be DAMNED if I date a blonde-haired, blue-eyed chick talking about “bumboclaat” this and “battybwoy” that – b*tch, don’t you know you already come in the original-chocolate-version?

Fact is, to use myself as an example, I am a nerd with intrinsic nerdy qualities that I embrace as I get older, and the more I embrace my hidden love of house music and rock contrasted against my undying love for reggae and hip-hop, and my desire to travel to Italy and learn new languages as opposed to just travelling to Barbados & Jamaica, I find myself rapidly distancing myself from the girls around my way. To meet a gorgeous Black woman from, let’s say Trinidad, who had nerdy qualities, uniquely different life experiences and different social aspirations than the girls from around my block would be a godsend for a man looking for something OTHER than the same around the way options. So don’t think I’m saying I need to experience a different RACE or NATIONALITY to find women that appeal to my interests and intellect – I just need to STOP looking Around The Way.

But the one reality we CAN’T overlook is the fact that embracing the uniqueness of yourself will inherently come with having to embrace the reality of expanding your dating options beyond what’s hot in the streets of your own neighbourhood – and that may mean dating someone of a different culture, nationality and race. To ignore the FACT that there is astounding beauty, fascinating realities and engrossing positive characteristics in other races other than your own is to be willfully ignorant and, frankly, STUPID.

But understand one thing: The dude I was having this conversation with was a White Italian – and just as I am tired of hood chicks, he is tired of the Jersey-shore wannabe, fist-pumping, overly tanned looking like Hellboy guidettes around HIS way.

This Is Your Conscience

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