If You Have A Crazy-A*s EX, Give Your New Date A Damn Heads Up

So I was watching The Game on BET a few weekends ago and this one commercial kept coming on, and I got REALLY pissed off – not because they repeated the same BS ad, but because of the content of this one particular Brinks security commercial where some crazy dude mafia-kicks his ex girl’s front door after he date with some relatively sane guy. You can give me all the talk you want to about the unpredictability of CRAZY but that whole scenario could have turned REAL ugly and it ALL would have been HER fault.

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video in this post, but I will post the link below so you can go see it for those who don’t remember/know what I’m talking about:

Click HERE To See Crazy Dude Front Kick The Door Down Like Anderson Silva

Now excuse my jumping to conclusions but I am willing to bet that she did NOT warn that man that she had a Psycho A*s Ex-Man who she KNEW VERY WELL was capable of that kinda BS.

So my question is, why are men and women, fresh out of horrible relationships, so reluctant to share with the new person they are talking to that they have a history with the B*tch from “A Thin Line Between Love And Hate?” And they are quick to say something like “Look She/He’s MY problem and I dont want to get you involved”

I personally would be like, “GIRL, did you see how fast that Crazy Bastard kicked the door down! And we didn’t even share a good night kiss Or God forbid, a little booty-grabbing and much MORE than that! He might have driven the car through the front of the house like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.”

If your ex is mailing you letters written in their Own Blood PLEASE warn your new date – it’s YOUR responsibility.

This Is Your Conscience

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