Let’s Play A Game: Is Your Current Mentality Good Enough Or Too Frowsy For A Relationship?

Today on TIYC, I want to do something a little different then just writing out my opinion on a particular topic, asking a question based on my opinion and then reading your responses – I want to play a game – I want to play the “Is Your Current Mindset Good Enough Or Too Damn Selfish To Be In A Relationship” game.

Yesterday as I read the comments to my post on men hearing another man say to them “I F*^ked yo’ b*tch” [http://www.thisisyourconscience.com/2011/04/the-biggest-l-a-man-can-ever-hear-oh-yeah-well-i-fked-your-girl/], a mini argument took place where a few women and a couple dudes debated WHAT constitutes TRUE DISRESPECT in a relationship and needless to say we all have very different views, but what role does GENDER play?

A while back I wrote a post about Women’s Laws of Cheating [http://www.thisisyourconscience.com/2011/02/crazy-yet-real-woman-laws-about-cheating-that-men-simply-dont-know/] and I never really took into account the fact that when it comes to this issue men and women don’t typically tend to see eye to eye. But then I asked myself, is it REALLY an issue of men and women, or is our view of what defines cheating based on something completely different than gender [selfish vs. selfless, pretty/handsome vs. Tracey Morgan looking chicks/Sam Cassell looking dudes, etc.]. So today we will investigate if men and women TRULY see situations of perceived disrespect from two TOTALLY different angles.

So Here’s how you play:

1) I will present 3 scenario’s for men to answer and 3 scenario’s for women to answer.
2) You should then write a reply stating how you would handle each scenario.
3) I want the women to read the men’s answers and give them a grade between A+ To F on how well they handled each scenario and then provide an OVERALL grade and men do the same grading for the women’s responses.
4) Ladies feel free to comment on other women’s answers to the scenario’s and men feel free to comment on other dudes answers, but ONLY grade someone of the opposite sex.


Scenario 1: You get invited by an old F-Buddy to attend his housewarming with your new man. You guys are no longer attracted to each other and have moved on to healthy relationships. When you invite your new man to come with you, he asks “so how do you know this dude?” and you say:______________

Scenario 2: You and your man decide to take a break from the relationship because of stupid little fights and arguments that take place but you do still care for each other. On this break, you go out for friendly drinks with your good male friend [who your man NEVER liked and ALWAYS thought was trying to get it in with you] to show him what happened in your relationship and somehow, someway you share a kiss at the end of the night. Nothing more, nothing less. A week later you get back with your man. Do you tell him what happened?

Scenario 3: You have a group of really-close girlfriends that, for whatever reason, HATE your current man. One day they tell you they found a guy that would be great for you. He’s tall, wealthy, handsome, fit, funny and just an all-around great guy. While you are home alone one evening, you hear you cell phone ring. It’s him. What do you do next?


Scenario 1: You are in a long term committed relationship with your girl that is going very well and you are ready to take the next step [marriage] with her sooner than later. While you are out at the mall you run into your ex [your first true love, the one who you were engaged to and the one you HAVE NOT told your current girl about]. When your current girl asks, “who is that girl?” you say:_______________

Scenario 2: You live with your girlfriend, yet you always get in stupid little arguments with her that tend to blow up into big unnecessary beefs that usually carry on for a few days. She gets mad at something and declares that she is spending the next few days at her sister’s house because she needs time to think if the relationship is even worth continuing. A week later while you’re out at the bar with you boys, you meet up with an old ex who still likes you and invites you over to her place to get reacquainted. You chill. You get it in. Now when your girl returns a week later ready to move back in, do you tell her what happened with the ex?

Scenario 3: You have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL co-worker [also one of the coolest women you’ve ever been around] who you feel is pretty much out of your league, but it doesn’t matter because you already have a girl. Well one day she asks you to go to dinner with her at a really nice restaurant because she wants to ‘confess her true feelings’ about how much she likes you face to face. What do you do next?

So write down your responses and let the judging begin:

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