Men, Stop Thinking ALL Women Want THUGS – They Actually Just Want A Man With CHARISMA

Every time I congregate around a large group of dudes the main topic of conversation will inevitably turn to women – and then nani – and then how women are crazy. And right around the time dudes start sharing “crazy-b*tch tales” there’s always one soft-little dude just overflowing with b*tcha*sness who feels the need to pipe in some tale about how he was done wrong by some chick who only wants to date THUGS – and the reality is his cottonelle-a*s is stupid because he doesn’t understand that all women don’t REALLY want THUGS, they just want a dude with CHARISMA.

Dudes that constantly utter that BULLSH*T make me sick because a) They focus too much on what SHE is doing and not enough on themselves, but also b) because they don’t realize being overtly bitter is like Secret Deodorant: Made for a woman, but strong enough for a man. It’s the realist/cynic in me that whenever I meet a bitter woman, prompts me to wonder what she’s been through and whenever I meet a bitter man, urges me to tell him to man up and stop acting a like a little BEEYOTCH.

But I digress.

Bitter men, who blame ALL women for wanting THUGS, BAD BOYS & GANGSTA’S are simply NOT taking a real enough stock of the dating scene and the fact that finding a good AND interesting man is hard-as-HELL. I have heard women tell me that all my life, and for the most part [just like Mr. Cottonelle] I believed women to be FULL of their own sh*t – until my ex-girlfriend gave me a first-hand taste of some of the BULLSH*T options she and other women have.

One day my girl sat me down and she basically showed me most dudes are lame as hell, and finding a real man with real charisma, who could hold a woman’s attention was difficult and to prove this, she gave me full 100% control of and access to her Blackplanet page for one full week [yeah this was BACK in the days]. For one week I was able to read all the lame messages dudes sent, hear all the tired pick up lines they tried, suffered through boring meaningless-question interrogations and it all made me PISSED OFF – not because so many dudes were trying so hard to holla at my woman, but because so many of them were so wack that they just drew the entire GENDER down a few notches.

There came a point where I was just HOPING and PRAYING that one of these dudes would have the balls to just straight up say what they wanted to do to her and talk to her like a human being and not engage her in seemingly pointless conversation when they are too scared to get to the point. It was at this moment that I realized this Blackplanet experience was just a microcosm of the sh*t women have to suffer through on a constant and daily basis: an endless stream of back-boneless, boring, lame and predictable men – until that ONE comes along.

See the reason so many dudes think that ALL women want THUGS and BAD BOYS is because they share character traits that set them FAR apart from regular boring dudes, such as (taken from another article):

1. Rebels are confident
2. Rebels are indifferent
3. Rebels are exciting and adventurous
4. Rebels are challenging and mysterious
5. Rebels are very masculine
6. Rebels give women a feeling of power
7. Rebels know how to talk to women

Confident, indifferent, exciting, adventurous, challenging, mysterious and masculine men with a cold gift of sexy syntax do NOT exclusively come in a felonious, gun-busting template. Those aren’t intrinsic characteristics of GANGSTA’S [because there’s a lot of fake-a*s Cottonelle gangsta’s out there too] those are just the traits of a man with CHARISMA.

Unfortunately, there are still SOME women who ONLY just want THUGS:

This Is Your Conscience

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