The Biggest “L” A Man Can Ever Hear: “Oh Yeah – Well I F*^KED Your Girl!”

I believe MOST women are immature and childish – but when a woman matures and grows into herself, she is a Oprah Winfrey-type beast full of self-confidence, realism and a strong sense for detecting any whiff of a man’s BS. But as a harsh contrast I believe no matter HOW mature a man gets, there is an immaturity and childishness that just NEVER leaves us. Until the day we die, whether 18 or 80, we will always carefully hang on to the same possessiveness and pettiness we had on the first day of junior kindergarten, and there’s NO greater example of this then when a man hear’s another man say the one sentence that will throw him into a rage and simultaneously crush his soul at the same time: “Nigga I F*^KED yo’ GIRL!”

So unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you definitely have heard that Kanye West RIPPED up the Coachella Festival during another one of his classic performances. But there was an interesting side-story to his amazing performance, which was the fact that his ex-video h0e Amber Rose and her new dude Wiz Khalifa were THERE just off stage as he performed – and he STILL fired VICIOUS shots directly at Amber and her reupholstered-nani. [Check the clip below from 6:55-7:09 – and DUCK]

The slight edit in the lyrics combined with the fact that she was standing just off stage was [allegedly] enough to make Wiz Khalifa step to him on some “let’s be civil, nigga” cry for peace but damn near turned into a backstage brawl when both entourages got involved. Did this really happen? MAYBE. Should we speculate on the potential beef between Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West? HELL NAW. But it’s interesting to see how this particular situation touches on a much larger issue that affects men on a whole: How milk-chocolaty soft it makes men to hear another man subliminally or directly say ‘I beat the training wheels off your girls nani.’

And don’t be fooled by men’s bravado ladies, that diss cuts DEEP. See, every man understands the concept of his girl having sex before him and for the most part we are able to deal with that. the idea that you were in a relationship or even had a short fling with some dude who got to have sex with you is just a fact we charge to the game and keep it moving. But a man’s saving grace is the fact that our ego’s and pride disallow us from accurately mentally picturing the specifics of the act – so all we think about is the sex and/or affection from a very broad perspective.

But then hearing any variation of the phrase “I Ike Turner’d your girls uterus” in all its disrespect and degradation, will instantly break the mental block in that man’s head that he used to deflect all those nasty and disgusting minute smashing details. Now all of a sudden he’s envisioning all the things he doesn’t want to – like the fact that you were deep-throating his richard and juggling his balls in your cheeks; The fact that he had you screaming, creaming and climbing the walls with ovary-crushing backshots AND/OR the fact that he was tearing the condom off just before he bust all over your breastesses – if he was even wearing a condom at all.

Now I already know what most of the very classy women [read: stush] who read this will say: “Well, I carry myself like a lady and respect so this will NEVER happen to me or any man I’m with.” Ladies, don’t let your personal pride, hubris or delusion make you think that this situation is limited to hood niggas trying to get a leg up on each other – this happens EVERY-DAMN-DAY in all different aspects and regions of society. Sometimes an ex won’t even SAY anything to your man – it can be communicated in a sly-look, or a seemingly subliminal shot at the old days while he’s standing there – and this happens at frowsy ghetto cookouts and upscale wine and cheese events at world-class museums all over. Why? Because as mature as men can be, there’s still some things we will NEVER truly be able to act like an adult about.

This Is Your Conscience

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