Why Religion & Faith Are Necessary KEYS To Many People’s Happiness [Whether Atheists Like It Or NOT]

As an avid watcher of Bill Maher’s old show, Politically Incorrect, and his new show, Real Time with Bill Maher, I am constantly intrigued by his hilarious and adept stances on many of societies issues, but the one point I’ve never seen eye-to-eye with him on is religion. See, Bill is an atheist who believes religion is the most damning and harmful institution to ever grace the planet Earth and that’s an assertion I simply think he, and his movie Religulous, are profoundly WRONG about.

Here is the trailer for the movie [which I insist everyone sees at least once regardless of your religious views]:

I have stated many times on this blog that I am an Agnostic Theist [I believe in a God, but do NOT subscribe to any particular religion] and I have also gone VERY hard on religious people [CLICK HERE], but I want my views on religion to be made very clear: Though I may not subscribe to a particular religion, the idea that having FAITH is a absolutely destructive concept is STUPID.

The problem with most atheists who subscribe to the “all the world’s evil can be attributed to religion” argument, is that it doesn’t hold water amongst the mass populace. I agree that there has been a sharp religious overtone that has resulted in death and destruction around the world, but to say that being religious = being emotional = being passionate enough about your beliefs to cause physical damage to someone of another faith is a BS leap in logic.

The reality is the entire religious community is much like the Islamic communities current predicament with terrorism. Islam is the LARGEST religion in the world at almost a quarter of the entire world’s population and numbers in the billions, yet that entire faith gets painted by one brush due to the fanatics, psychotics and weirdo’s. I KNOW many Islamic people and to be honest, they are NOT so radically different then the people I know and chill with of other faiths. They watch the same boring-a*s TV, cheer for the same sports teams, and have stupid relationship drama – but to say that the intrinsic difference between them and myself, is the fact that they are on a Pinky and The Brain plot to blow up and/or take over the world is LUDICROUS. That’s just painting literally a BILLION people with the same brush you use to paint the IDIOTS flying planes into buildings or burning flags.

Now when I hear Bill and others simply denounce humans “stupid need” to create a “lie in the sky” to pacify ourselves from the “harsh reality” of the nothingness of the afterlife, it makes me look at their entire belief system as flawed. Not in the sense that they have the afterlife right or wrong, but their belief in the idea that humans pacifying themselves through faith is a BAD thing.

I got in Steve Harvey’s a*s for stating that Atheists have no moral compass [CLICK HERE], but I will co-sign Steve to the extent that I know many religious people use their faith as an esteemed and relevant source for their moral correctness and the reality is it WORKS for MANY people. Yes there are a few people in every religion, everywhere on the planet who do PURE EVIL in the name of their religion, but let’s not act like that isn’t FAR outweighed by the amount of people who gain introspective insight and balance through their faith. Hell if even 1% of Islam had terrorists the world would CEASE to exist; and if even 1% of catholic priests were raping little altar boys, there would be a LOT more Raz B’s running around.

At the end of the day my religious beliefs are my own and I refuse to push them on anyone and I appreciate not having anyone’s views forced on me. But to go as far as to say that having faith is highly fallacious, and humans should drop all reliance on religion to believe in NOTHING just because that works for YOU is simply just STUPID.

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