Why Successful Women Are Damn-Near UNDATEABLE

It was hard enough dating her when WE were making all the money

In THIS POST I wrote yesterday, Malik posted this gem:

“Well to be fair, women having careers is relatively new phenomenon. This may be the first generation where the majority of women are expected to have jobs. A woman’s femininity isn’t based on whether or not she can ‘bring home the bacon’ conversely that is in part how men and women define masculinity.”

Allow me to expand on that piece of real talk from my OWN perspective.

And to assist me, I have copied in ANOTHER comment from that very same post made by ATLienSince82:

“I don’t think yawl females know how to deal with being a career woman just yet…some of yawl making 100K a year and mad cause you gotta be the financial head of the household and the other half of you making that kinda money don’t know how to treat a man with any respect..”

And therein lies my point as it pertains to Successful career women. What makes these women, who for all intents and purposes should represent amazing catches, seem to be the very type of women that men nowadays are attempting to steer clear of, is the idea that these WOMEN don’t know how to settle into their OWN success.

See, the most accepted school of thought on this subject is that, most men who “can’t handle” a driven, successful woman are mostly just b*tch-asses who don’t have the prerequisite amount of BALLS to deal with all the GREATNESS that is the modern day woman. But what we haven’t investigated is the fact that a lot of these women aren’t even comfortable in their own SUCCESSFUL-ASS skin their damn-self.

"Making 225K a year is really f*^king up my relationship"

Men and women have ALWAYS had trouble seeing eye-to-eye since the beginning of time when Fred used to cuss Wilma’s ass out for not dropping off Pebbles at Barney’s yard for at least ONE night so he can get some much needed reverse-cowgirl action. Men and women just have very different outlooks on things and that’s just inherenly built into us. But in the last 30 years, something strange happened that made it a MILLION times harder for us to get along: Women started to become just as, and in many cases, MORE successful than men – and it seems in many cases it occurred all too fast for WOMEN just as much as it did for MEN.

Now I personally think there is nothing SEXIER than a BBW [NOT Mo’nique, I mean Black Business Woman like I wrote HERE] and I have constantly made a point of stating that the more women keep reaching for the sky, the more attractive I, and other men with sense, will find you. But while it’s clear that successful women are happy about climbing the professional ladder, they are NOT happy with climbing OVER the vast majority of potential male suitors out there and even LESS comfortable with maintaining a healthy and non-emotionally abusive relationship with these men.

"Driver, what time is it? 4 PM?! Well, it will be HAMMER time if this nigga doesn't have dinner out when I come home!"

Now I am NOT speaking on single successful women because we have talked about them to DEATH, but we are discussing the dynamic of the successful woman who is in a relationship with a man who is NOT as successful.

So here’s my thesis: The reason why so many men are having difficulties dealing with successful women in relationships is because being the successful bread winner is so NEW to women on a whole, that the flourishing and prosperous woman has not been able to truly or accurately define how she WANTS to be treated by men period.

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