“A Grown-Ass Man Wouldn’t Label ANY Woman A H0E”

Last weekend, me and a few of my friends were having our infamous & ignorant “which race of women suck richard better than the others” conversation, which naturally progressed into what sex acts constitute hoeish behaviour. After bouncing ideas back and forth off of each other, it was time for the Dishonest Gentleman to “set us straight” by proclaiming “grown ass men don”t label any women as hoes.” My reply: “Nigga sit ‘yo punk-ass down.”

The only thing worse than this idiot saying that stupid sh*t, was the fact that all of the women in the conversation gave him a polite golf clap for being “a real man” and not being as “immature” as the rest of us. Most of those women were IDIOTS too because 1) the hoe label is NOT just specific to women, it includes MEN too and 2) women know damn-well the extent of how STANK many women actually act, so for them to applaud what he said with the inherent knowledge they already have is foolish as hell.

The main point is acting like there aren’t people out here with stupid, reckless and dangerous sexual practices is, well, stupid, reckless and dangerous.

Look, we all know that Hoe is probably the most constantly misused, overused and baseless insult in the English language and there’s a lot of bitter chicks and vagina dudes who throw around that label to any woman who decides to have sex with any man more than twice or a dude who legitimately leaves his girl for someone he actually loves more. But to believe that this misuse of the term somehow justifies eliminating the use of the term altogether is stupid as hell.

Whether you want to believe it or not, they’re out here – and they are coming in your house at night snatching your peoples up. Its not a MYTH that there are HOES out here who will f*^k anything moving whether in or out of a relationship. Some of these HOES will suck and ride raw richard even while in a relationship, putting not only her health, but her man’s health as well, completely at risk.

And it’s NOT just Young Money wishing they could [and actually TRYING] to smash every girl in the world. There are MANY dudes out there with a consistent history of excessive cheating and ridiculously reckless sexual behaviour like my boy who went on a vacation to the Dominican – and slammed 6 girls – all with NO condom – while his girl sat at home hoping he was enjoying his trip. And you are now gonna try to convince me that calling HIM out is suppose to be immature and unclassy? Get the hell outta my face with that sh*t.

Now obviously it’s hard as hell to do a realistic audit of anybody’s sexual history and tendencies outside of high school and university but if you deem it necessary to protect yourself you will turn on your innate Hoe-Radar. I already KNOW most people’s argument: “Grown ass men don’t care about what happened in a woman’s sexual past!” And if that’s your stance, fine. I just don’t wanna hear SH*T when you come home too early and realize her breath smells like 5 different blends of semen herbs and spices.

This Is Your Conscience

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