Kanye West Does NOT Support ‘Occupy Wall Street’ [And They Shouldn’t Want It Either]

Yesterday, after enjoying my Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to check into Facebook and see what the hell has been going on lately as I have not been in contact with people on Facebook, Twitter, this blog and even socially in real life as I have been with only close friends and family. Well one thing I did notice was that a few of my friends had posted a link to a Worldstar video that shows Kanye West “supporting” the Occupy Wall Street movement [which was highly suspect to start with] but after actually VIEWING the video, it just goes to show you Yeezy is up to his same douchebag tricks – but this time it’s even MORE offensive than before.

For those of you who have been living under a social and political rock and have no damn clue about what this Occupy Movement is all about, it’s basically a campaign mainly protesting against social and economic inequality, corporate greed, and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government, among other concerns.

What do they want you ask? Well [as Wikipedia states]: “Beginning from one simple demand – a presidential commission to separate money from politics – we start setting the agenda for a new America.” By October 9, similar demonstrations had been held or were ongoing in over 70 cities. Basically they want real plans, laws and assurances put into place to stop the richest 1%, who control over 90% of the money, from abusing and economically raping the other 99% who don’t have the political, social or economic power or influence to prevent it from happening.

Now if you haven’t seen the Kanye West video, here it is:

Anything strike you as extremely odd watching that video? Here’s a hint: The same guy standing quiet as a church mouse listening as Russell Simmons speaks, is the same guy from THIS popular TV moment:

Or how about this:

And y’all know I can keep going, but I think you get the point. Why was Mr. Out-Spoken so quiet? Oh, it’s because he doesn’t want to make his attendance at a controversial world-renown political rally a “big political thing?” Gotcha.

Well let me float this little idea out there: Kanye West didn’t say ONE word [which is clearly unusual for him] because he actually does NOT support the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which actually is OK because they do NOT and should NOT seek his tacit approval – but what’s NOT OK is the fact that he is “playing empathetic” merely for mass appeal.

Let’s be clear, Kanye is not only part of the extremely rich sector that the Occupy movement is fighting against, but he is a Capitalist business owner obsessed with living and spending in excess, which the Occupy Movement [and anyone with common sense] can clearly identify as one of the main reasons the 99% are subjected to substandard living. Whether it’s Niggas in Paris pushing Maybachs or CEO’s using bailout money to give Execs million-dollar bonuses, it all stems from the same f*^kery.

Now I already hear you negroes ’bout “It’s his damn money and he’s free to spend it any damn way he wants!” and to all you uttering that I say “go F*^K yourselves” because you clearly have no clue that it is precisely the issue of greed that has people starving, unable to afford healthcare and teetering on homelessness because the unemployment and under-employment rates are so disgustingly high. But I guess it’s cool to all of you because, I mean, what does Kanye really rap for? To push a f*^king Rav-4?

Am I picking on Kanye right now? Yeah, I am – because him AND Russell Simmons are BOTH part of the problem of corporate greed. Because his actual support for this movement would go a LONG way and instead of him pretending to care, he really could have helped this Movement by lending a hand in the fight against the Herman Cain’s of the world who are fighting this very critical movement down. In fact, I would have a lot MORE respect for Kanye if he just uttered Cain’s sentiment: ‘Them bastards being broke is nobodies fault but their own.’

And Since ‘Ye loves to brag about keeping it real, THAT would be as honest as that negro could get.

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