The HARSH Realities Of Dating A Dime Piece Over 30

Allow Me To Drop Some Science On Y’all About Sex And Dating When It Comes To A Sexy Woman In Her 30’s. And It’s Not A Pretty Scene…But It Has Nothing To Do With Her Body, How She Looks Or How She Performs In Bed. It’s Scary Because Of One Specific Fact: She Finally Knows Who The Hell She Really Is.

When You Date A Teenager, You Are More Dating A Fantasy Than An Actual Woman, Not YOUR Fantasy, But HER Fantasy. She Thinks She Is All-This & All-That, But She Don’t Know A DAMN Thing About Herself Yet.

When You Date A 20-Something, You Are More Dating Potential Than An Actual Woman, As She Is Beginning To Scrap The Fantasy (Wants To Be A Lawyer Instead Of A Veterinarian) And She Is Constantly Going Through So Much Personal BS, She Is Quickly Discovering Things About Herself She Never Knew.

When You Date A 30-Year Old, You Are Dating A Jaded, Cold-Hearted Assassin Of Hopes & Dreams Who Will Get With You For Completely Logical And Thought Out Reasons. That’s Scary Because Teenager And 20-Something Were So Damn Emotional You Don’t Know How To React To 30-Year Old. But I Will Tell You This, Beware Of Dating And Falling In Love With 30-Year Old Because She Has Chosen You For Reasons You Will NEVER Know (Until Maybe Your Divorce).

A 30-Year Old Woman Does Not Operate On The Same SCALE That Other Women Operate On. She Doesn’t See The Difference Between A 1 And A 10 Based On How His Six Pack Looks, Or The Fact He Can Sing Or How Wavy His Hair Is. To Her A 10 Is A Man Who Is Accomplished, Successful, Good-Hearted & Independent, And His Physical Looks Have Almost NOTHING To Do With It At That Point Which We Are Not Use To. There Are Some SEXY 30-Year Old Women Out There That Are Gonna Start Coming On To You, And Unfortunately You’re Gonna Think It’s Because Your Punk Ass Actually DID Lose Some Weight After The 7 Sit-Ups You Did Last Week. NOPE.

If You Are Dating A Dime Piece Over 30 I Got Two Words For You: Prenuptial Agreement.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience