If the Occupy movements all over the world have not awoken your mind to the fact that we live in a much different social-economic dynamic than ever before, then allow me to point this out to you right now: We live in a society with a growing wealth disparity where the middle class is disappearing and job security is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Hell, if you think you are going to rack up some huge College debt to get a good degree so you can get a FAIR entry-level salary, and then work your way through various promotions while stacking funds in retirement and savings accounts to live a comfy Middle/High-Middle class lifestyle with your wife/husband, 2 and a half kids, dog and white picket fence, you are an outdated dreamer. Those things are NOT staples in society anymore, and that being the case, running into a woman who is not only cognizant of that, but also smart, strong and courageous enough to do HER own thing is one of the sexiest features a woman can have these days.

Now I’m NOT stating that all female entrepreneurs do so out of complete financial necessity, as the reality is PASSION and loving what they do plays a HUGE part in deciding to run their own business, but it’s all aspects of being an entrepreneur that makes female entrepreneurs so-F*^KING-sexy. Such as:


Don’t be mistaken – it takes a sh*tload of confidence to decide to start a new business considering statistics prove that the majority of new business FAIL – and FAIL very quickly (within the first 3 months). There are a MILLION things that can go wrong and they all end in HORRIBLE manners which can leave someone in DIRE straits. You can blow your loan or investor’s financing and be on the hook for a LOT of money, you can completely make a fool of yourself and hurt your reputation and you can simply be terribly overmatched in the market place – and these are the RISKS that entrepreneurs face EVERYDAY, and for them to thrive through that is not only impressive – it’s ADMIRABLE.

Any woman who can put herself out there like that in the face of statistical demise and THRIVE with a great business is a woman who already possesses the grit and tenacity a man would LOVE to see in a woman he would want to stand by him through thick and thin.


To own your own business requires you to be immersed in it everyday, and not just from a numbers or business perspective, but from a pure LOVE perspective. Whether your field is marketing, fashion, music, or paper clips, you need to know and truly CARE about what your field is in order to be successful, and the people who are tend to experience the most success.

When I imagine a beautiful female entrepreneur deciding to start a business, I imagine her deciding to create a niche in a market she LOVES and her eyes lighting up anytime that topic is discussed. If I had a choice, I would rather come home to a gorgeous entrepreneur totally emotionally enveloped into her business, than a gorgeous employee who hates her job, hates her boss and generally is unsatisfied with life and has NO CLUE or DESIRE to shake herself out of her funk.


To add on to the last sentence I just typed in the last point, most men and women are languishing away at jobs they don’t really care for, working for people they don’t really like, and wishing they could make a change but are way too frightened and lazy to. The sexy-ass characteristic that entrepreneurs have that makes them so damn enticing, is the fact that they choose NOT to live life unhappy and on someone else’s terms – they will make sure they live the life that THEY deem is good for THEMSELVES.

Having the WILL to get up ON-TIME knowing you are your own boss and nobody will yell at you for coming to work late is SEXY. Having the WILL to persevere through tough times (and there will be MANY tough times as an entrepreneur) is SEXY. And having the WILL to come to the employee/entrepreneur fork in the road and taking the road less traveled towards being a BOSS is SEXY AS HELL.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience