Women, THIS Is Why Men Seem So Complicated [By: Garrett Fraser]

Once again, I must say THANK YOU to everyone who has hit me up about the guest contributor spots and I have not been able to comb through all the emails, but I will get to ALL of them by Saturday for sure. Here is ANOTHER guest piece that I thought was a great look at an issue I STILL hear women complain about with men. Read on ladies and gentlemen…

Over the last few months I’ve been asked by many women “Why are men so damn complicated?” Well here’s the answer: Women complicate them!

Men can easily be misconstrued and come off as being complicated because too often women are complicating things. For the most part guys are generally simple…if you want to find out an answer to a question, the easiest and quickest way is to ask a direct question and demand a direct answer. So why the hell do you feel the need to be like a Brazilian soccer team and make ridiculous plays that involves every player before you go for the goal? (so to speak)

YES that actually IS Brazil's female soccer team (Stop hating!)

As a man who has been victim to one of those plays time and time again, it’s frustrating as hell to know that my response really won’t matter. That’s because no matter the answer we give or how we get to the answer it will never be satisfactory and here’s why:

Women over think EVERYTHING! I’ve seen countless women take the most simplest of responses and explore every other meaning that they think it could possibly mean. Enter the Brazilian soccer team.

Women need to learn to listen and interpret what he’s saying instead of trying to always put words into his mouth. Enter all other countries who want to be like the Brazilian team.

Women can make even the simplest of things seem THIS complicated

The sad part is that as an end result of those two trains of thoughts, women expect more and less from their men. It’s pretty safe to say that women for the most part know their men but they are seemingly never content with them, even when they know how they are and what their habits are. So why expect more than what they can do?

So my question is this Women, if you know how your man is why do you expect more and then get frustrated when things are not going the way you think they should be?

When Lincoln Anthony Blades is not writing for his controversial and critically acclaimed blog ThisIsYourConscience.com, he can be found contributing articles for Uptown Magazine. Lincoln wrote the hilarious and insightful book "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass". He is also a public speaker who has sat on panels all over North America and the Caribbean.


  1. lincolnanthonyblades

    11/30/2011 at 4:44 AM

    Ladies, Do You Agree With The Premise Of This Article, Or Is It WAY Off??!

  2. marilen perez

    11/30/2011 at 8:03 AM

    I couldn’t agree more. Women like to mutliply, divide, subtract and add onto a sentence!

    • ChloeRayne516

      11/30/2011 at 8:47 AM

      This is too funny..


    • Crystal Promo-Fernandez

      11/30/2011 at 9:02 AM

      If men didn't always try to get away with shit, we wouldn't have to keep investigating shit!

      • Vicky

        11/30/2011 at 12:11 PM

        Tell'em again!

  3. marilen perez

    11/30/2011 at 8:04 AM

    I couldn’t agree more. Women like to multiply, divide, subtract and add onto a sentence!

  4. marilen perez

    11/30/2011 at 8:20 AM

    I couldn’t agree more. Women like to multiply, divide, subtract and add onto a their mans sentence! If a woman asks their man, “what are you doing right now?” And a man responds, “watching tv” they really are just watching tv! Women then subtract, add and multiply to that response. Women’s minds start racing and think to themselves, “hmmm, he says he’s watching tv but with who. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk to me”. I think a lot of women out there know deep down we are dramaful and we love to complicate things, no doubt.

    • MzDebbieFields

      11/30/2011 at 9:08 AM

      Girls are dramaful…grown women don't have time!

      • Dollabill

        12/02/2011 at 12:40 AM

        Unfortunately A LOT of "Grown Women" say this but they're really just drama girls over the age of 25

        • imakesense

          12/02/2011 at 2:22 AM


    • @craziijnell

      11/30/2011 at 10:08 AM

      LOL! I have to force myself not to read into silence. I typically fail and create a world of fantasy and betrayal. But the times where I have just believed, have also been times of greatest betrayal and "trespasses". So Maybe there is a middle ground to say: "well, maybe he is just watching television. I'd like to know with whom but let me not assume he wants space from me."

  5. Crystal Promo-Fernandez

    11/30/2011 at 9:03 AM

    Men are complicated because a lot of you are hypocrites!!

    You say you want a wifey and then run down the hoe….or you say you want a and go out looking for b, and then when we call you on it you get mad and start lying!

    • Naraku

      11/30/2011 at 10:10 AM

      Men are not overly complicated. When we say something that is what we mean. As far as the wanting A to but looking for B. Its more of a instant satisfaction. We want wifey but we don't plan on meeting her at a club. Clubs = H0e = Sex.

      • Paul Brown

        12/01/2011 at 2:06 PM

        There is also the issue with time and the person involved. A man can say he wants a wife, but that doesn't mean he necessarily wants you to be the one, or he may not want her right now, but he does want her.

  6. MzDebbieFields

    11/30/2011 at 9:08 AM

    This guy needs to learn how to choose better women!

  7. marilen perez

    11/30/2011 at 9:30 AM

    @Crystal Promo-Fernandez  – I think for the most part men do want a wifey.  Its up to the potential wifey to keep her man interested.  A man still needs to be a man, just don’t be up in his face like inspector gadget and go with the flow.  Men only lie if they feel under pressure and you don’t trust them.  Oh and everyone is a hypocrite.  We are human

    @MzDebbieFields – lol.  I think most women are like that, however not all women are.

  8. marilen perez

    11/30/2011 at 9:48 AM

    @Crystal Promo-Fernandez then you may be dealing with a boy not a man.  Real men don’t try to get a way with shit.  They treat you right and as long as you still let him be who he is there won’t be no lying or trying to get away with things.

  9. *Bryna*

    11/30/2011 at 10:05 AM

    This article is bang on!
    @ Marilen…you couldn't have said it better. We as women analyze EVERYTHING and ask 21 questions. Why? cause of insecurities? lack of trust? Men are really just that simple. If we ask "what's wrong?" and they say "nothing", they really mean NOTHING but women start thinking otherwise…"is he mad at me?" "did I do something?" "his tone was different than usual" and the list goes on. If you feel your man is always lying, get rid of him! What kind of relationship will survive without trust? Men don't want Private Investigators for a girl…you're only going to push them away and drive yourselves crazy.

  10. MistaHarsh

    11/30/2011 at 10:21 AM

    To expand on Marilen's add/subtract/multiply/divide theory.
    If your man say's he's watching TV women will start creating scenarios in her head off of that ONE sentence for example:

    Watching TV eh, with who?(Addition)…
    They probably aren't watching TV at all(Subtraction)…
    How many times has he been watching "TV" with them other hoes(Multiplication)…
    I ain't gonna stand for this! Two can play this game I have a couple of channels Darnell would like to watch too(Division)…

    • @craziijnell

      11/30/2011 at 10:23 AM

      Yup… sounds about right.

      I'd like to say the last point is also divisive (my attempt at wit/wordplay for the day!)

    • KemaVA

      11/30/2011 at 11:30 AM

      Hah! You been in my head…

    • ATLienSince82

      11/30/2011 at 3:28 PM

      Got em down pact!

  11. marilen perez

    11/30/2011 at 10:30 AM

    @MistaHarsh – i couldn’t agree more!!!  LOL.  No matter how much women try to deny that this doesn’t go through their mind it does.  It’s all about not reacting.  Believe in your man and there won’t be no drama.

    @MzDebbieFields – Yes.  Women don’t have time for drama.  Girls do.   

  12. Bruhman

    11/30/2011 at 3:31 PM

    I stopped reading after the big asses..my bad peoples.

  13. Drgray91

    11/30/2011 at 3:57 PM

    I'm not sure how seriously I was supposed to take this…

    So I didn't.

  14. Starr

    12/01/2011 at 7:48 PM

    I could not stop laughing because this post is so true! I love your blog by the way….Anyway..humans are complex and men and women do think differently but I have been making an effort to not spend time thinking about what a man is doing because that means I'm not focusing enough time on me. I am learning to accept the man for who he is and if its not what I signed up for then I'm leaving. I have wasted enough time being frustrated..lol no more!

  15. imakesense

    12/02/2011 at 2:24 AM

    Agreed and guilty of this with my bf

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