If You Are Celebrating Black History Month You Really DON’T Care About Black History At All

THANK GOD it’s finally February 1st, because ever since I launched my blog on April 1st of 2010, I have been DYING to write about this topic. If you celebrate Black History Month and fully support and believe in it, you are doing more HARM to the cause of Black history being considered a valid part of the World’s history, than any perceived good you want to pat yourself on the back for.

The WORST thing to happen to the history of Black people was not that it was merely ignored and passed over, but moreso that it was compartmentalized into a non-important, easily segmented, specialized view of history on a whole, especially AMERICAN history. In fact I will state I would rather see our contribution to history be fully IGNORED than recognized as ONLY being worthy of one month of trivial recognition.

And don’t be fooled – our recognition is EXTREMELY trivial. Besides the obvious ritualistic praise of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela [and constant misreading, misinterpretation and misunderstanding of their true intents actions], what PISSES me off and drives me INSANE about Black History Month is how our extremely intricately awe-inspiring past is broken down into Random Acts of Unimportant BS such as: “Did you know a BLACK man invented PEANUT BUTTER?” or “Did you know a BLACK man invented the traffic light?”

Here’s the better question: Do I CARE who did that regardless of their race?

Truth be told, I can see the relevancy in those small achievements, but a) don’t gloss over our actual MEANINGFUL accomplishments to state that bullsh*t, and b) why is WHITE history never trivialized? We are FORCED to learn about how immaculate and deity-like the Forefathers were, but NEVER am I inundated with facts like “Did you know it was a white man who coined the phrase ‘Up sh*t’s creek without a paddle?’ I NEVER learned that because my teacher would have told me it would be a waste of a class to learn that, but come Black history month it’s all good to start throwing around those facts because I guess we don’t have enough substantive contributions to make an entire FULL month of history around…


Black people have contributed IMMENSELY to the formation of the United States, Canada and the rest of the free world. I am NOT petitioning against Black history month because I have a problem with one month of the year being dedicated to Black history [who gives a DAMN if it’s the shortest or longest month?], I am petitioning against it because Black History is too monumental, remarkable, and significant to NOT be a regular and consistent part of EVERY curriculum worldwide as a Year Round inclusionary topic.

This Is Your Conscience

p.s. If you don’t know these people are in the pics off-hand, then there’s a definitive problem…

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