I’m Cool With Gay People – But F*^K GLAAD

A couple mornings ago, in between writing some blog posts, I logged onto Worldstarhiphop for some ratchetness to pass the time and slightly amuse me and I came across a video that THOROUGHLY disgusted and actually REALLY angered me. It was a video of some P*SSY-ASS Atlanta “thugs” waiting outside of a convenience store for a skinny-boy in skinny jeans – who they then beat the SH*T out of because he’s gay, while the dude recorded kept screaming “No Faggots in JACK CITY!” In fact the video was so graphic and disgusting that it was removed from Worldstar and Youtube.

At the end of this video, they show some clips, but TRUST ME, it was MUCH worse:

Now rewind a couple of days before that to Super Bowl Sunday, and look below at the comment that got CNN commentator Roland Martin suspended from the station because he made a “homophobic” tweet, after seeing THIS commercial:

He wrote:

If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl

Well, between his tweet and this boy’s unmerciful assault, guess which incident caused GLAAD [The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation] to jump into action?

If you guessed the torturous, deadly and horrific assault, you would be WRONG. They decided to rally the troops and get Roland suspended so they can pat themselves on the back for “exposing another homophobe” when all they REALLY did was use their punk-ass social guilt machine to try and destroy ANOTHER innocent career. This has been a long time coming, but I’m GLAD I can finally write on this site: GO F*^K YOURSELVES GLAAD – you anti-intellectual C*NTS.

I meant to write on this LAST year after Kobe Bryant got in hot water for calling a referee a “f*^king faggot” after a bad call:

The fact that he got heavily fined after SORRY-ASS GLAAD got involved to demonize him as a HOMOPHOBE, had me damn near  beside myself. But now after this Roland Martin incident the BULLSH*T has to stop, and at some point we need to be able to be OPEN and HONEST about the situation: The terms Gay & Fag are no longer sole terms used to express homophobic rage, they are also terms of generally distaste NOT associated to HOMOSEXUALITY at all. The ideology that anyone who uses either of those terms MUST be referring DIRECTLY to gays and lesbians is not only intellectually bankrupt but now it’s actually dangerous. Be clear: Roland didn’t say someone was a ol’ d*ck-in-the-booty-ass clown – he just made a joke based on a feminine add that was placed in the middle of an extremely masculine event. The CONTRAST was the joke – NOT slandering Gay people.

My problem with GLAAD is similar to the problem I have with the NAACP – they are just a bunch of faceless, lifeless suits who passively care about the actual transgressions being committed against their lot, and more interested in making headlines by over-sensitively addressing UNIMPORTANT events. Why isn’t GLAAD standing on the front lines helping bring justice to Brandon’s assailants? Why is GLAAD focusing on DEFAMING Kobe, Roland and Tracey Morgan as if taking their comments out-of-context or applying heavy levels of oversensitivity can help even ONE gay person out at ALL?

If there is one thing that me and the people of GLAAD can agree on is that we need to eradicate homophobic sentiments from our society just like we need to eradicate racism, sexism, classism, etc. But I will ALWAYS advocate case-by-case analyzation of what the accused is being said. Why you ask? Because the one thing that GLAAD knows is that being accused of being homophobic is so socially reprehensible that whether it’s true or not doesn’t even matter. And that’s why Roland is suspended, because just the accusation ALONE is too powerful to even attempt to challenge and GLAAD uses that to their FULL advantage.

But I will end this piece with the words my LESBIAN homegirl told me on the phone earlier tonight when I told her I was gonna write about this:

“GLAAD needs to stop trippin’ so hard over every little thing people say, because they don’t realize they are just making it harder for us to co-exist in society without people being all awkward around us like we gonna run to them anytime we hear something we don’t like. As long as people ain’t promoting violence or hatred, they can say all the jokes they want – sh*t, I got some wicked comebacks for them!”

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