Tall Women, Please Understand You Are Sexy As HELL

Tyra Banks - 5'10"

Last summer I went to a patio party with my homegirl and as we stood up watching all the posers do their “Oh, you fancy huh” two-step that Toronto people LOVE to abuse, we overheard some loud [and definitely DRUNK] African dude harassing this petite little Guyanese girl on the dance floor bout “hey gyal! cum ova hea and I will give you sum dutty wine inside hea..I said DANCE!” Now obviously her uptight ass wasn’t having none of it and she jogged off like she was warming up in a p90x video. We then overheard the SAME dude say out loud to no one in particular “Shut up! And so what! I will take home 3 odda cute small gyal and close all de lights and get busy tonight! No amazons swing from dis vine!” It was at THAT moment my homegirl looked over at me like ‘F*^K my life’ NOT because she wanted the tipsy Nigerian, but because it was a sentiment her 5’11 ass is ALL to familiar with: This ridiculous notion that tall women simply aren’t sexy – which is FAR from the truth.

Jarah Mariano - 5'9"

Being a man I’ve always been so fascinated by beautiful women that I never realized that tall women [5’9 and above] were actually being discriminated against in these streets. I SWORE all dudes superficiality only extended to women’s beauty, breasts and booty, but as I have discovered from my tall sister, right down to all my tall homegirls that being tall as a woman can be just as much of a perceived dating liability as being short is to men. I use to call BS on that sentiment, but after actually asking other men what they thought about tall women [as opposed to just assuming] I came to find out my homegirls statements were MORE than accurate.

But tall women, I don’t want you to think that those [tasteless] dudes are so predominant that you should be overly self-conscious about your height, because I just want to let all tall women know that you are INCREDIBLY sexy to a large sector of men in society. And FYI, it’s not just about being tall and BONEY, because tall women WITH curves are incredibly sexy too.

Whitney Thompson - 5'10"

Mia Amber Davis - 6'0"

But here’s the thing: Height on a woman is at it’s sexiest when it’s combined with CONFIDENCE. And there’s the tricky part: Constantly being told your height makes you unattractive is enough to lower your self esteem, which makes you unattractive not just to the men who dig short girls, but to men like me who LOVE tall women but are substantially MORE attracted to confident women [regardless of height]. So if you can take anything away from this piece, please know that you are DEFINITELY a dimepiece and your HEIGHT is a big contributing factor of that too.

Selita Ebanks - 5'10"

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