Sometimes when I sit back and truly take stock of how much relationship insights I give to random people on a day-to-day basis it boggles my mind to think how much I am inundated by ONE particular question: What is the most important trait you look for in a wife? I usually HATE answering questions like that because it forces me to create an arbitrary list of very important character traits at a moments notice, which, inevitably, causes me to leave out traits which I actually DO find extremely important in favour for things I usually don’t give two-damns about, but say because it’s on the front of my mind. Well lately there is ONE answer that I have gotten DOWN-PAT after many hours of actually taking that question into serious consideration: The one trait I would DESPERATELY need my WIFE to have is versatility.

This is a trait that is crucially important to ALL men in some manner because of the many dichotomies that encompass a grown-ass man’s life. For me, I want a woman of high class, full of grace, with a professional demeanour and a classy [almost regal] elegance about herself – but if her ol’ saddity-ass can’t come to a cookout in the shady part of town and give some frowsy negroes some six-loves in dominoes or run some negroes off a Spades table or at least engage in a conversation on why Aaliyah could take Beyonce in a fist fight then we’re gonna have a HUGE problem.

Versatility is what separates JUMP-OFFS and QUEENS. Jump-offs typically have little to NO versatility and they just are what they are. If they are frowsy hood chicks then that’s simply their ceiling or if they are sheltered airhead suburban chicks, then THAT’S simply their ceiling, but the fact is they can correspond OK with ONE part of a man’s life, but not the ENTIRE part which ultimately makes them EXPENDABLE. Every man has dated a cool girl that he simply could NOT bring around his friends or family because her specific skill set simply does NOT translate into being a good match with THAT part of his life. And when a man realizes that, he needs to make the executive decision to either (a) cut her loose or (b) keep her around until a versatile woman of true-wife material shows up.

You really want THIS b*tch at your child's PTA meeting?!

Versatility is not only about how you act with one set of people as opposed to the next, but it also has to do with how a woman interacts with her man. A woman with an even sexual and mental balance creates wife-material of the highest order. As weird as it may seem, men DON’T want to wife up a woman who is so completely sexual all the time, that she lacks common charisma in a non-sexual arena, and men DEFINITELY DON’T want a woman who is an anal-retentive, OCD secretary all the time either. Versatility means you can be a FREAK in the bedroom [in nasty, disgusting but overall pleasurable ways] but still be my homie, best-friend and counsellor when I NEED you to be OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

Unfortunately this trait is hard to find because the perfect balance between personalities is such a subjective matter that each person has to determine for themselves. But if there’s one thing that should be made very clear: There’s NOTHING sexier than a woman who can flawlessly move between a multitude of different environments – those women aren’t just made to be considered COOL, they are made to be WIVES.

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