If You Are Surprised Or Happy Young Jeezy’s Concert Got SHOT UP – Go F*^K Yourself

"A Nigga Moment..."

I got a call from my boy last week [a dude I’ve been partying with for over 14 years and who I’ve been in over 15 shot-up events with] and he asked me if I wanted to roll with him to Young Jeezy’s concert, to which I just started laughing my ass off. He then joined me in laughing because the fact is, we BOTH knew we weren’t going. Not because there’s anything wrong with Young Jeezy, his music or the show promoters – it was because we KNEW there was gonna be a disproportionate amount of IGNORANCE that was gonna go down there and it was BEST we kept our distance.

Here’s some early morning details of what happened:


Now, in the wake of this shooting, there are 3 separate reactions that are really gonna PISS me the F*^K off today:

1) The Race & Cultural-Baiting [“Look how YOUNG, BLACK, HIP-HOP fans act! We shoulda never gave these niggas money!”]

2) The Utter Shock & Surprise [“OMG! I Can’t believe this happened! How does a YOUNG JEEZY concert get shot up? GASP!”

3) The Grim Happiness [“CHEA NIGGA! Welcome to T-Dot B*TCH!” – said by kids of ALL races]

If your reaction is similar to point #1, you’re an IGNORANT C*NT. If your reaction is similar to point #2, you’re an IDIOT. And If your reaction is similar to point #3, KILL YOURSELF.

If there’s one thing I CAN’T stand is when douchebags take PRIDE in the ignorance and F*^KERY of their hometown as if it catapults their own personal level of street-cred [“Yea that Jeezy concert got shot up! Yo differently the man den are straight GOONS up here eh!”]. But that ignorance is not just limited to this city, it’s a pathetic epidemic that goes all through Montreal, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis and ESPECIALLY New York. Stop revelling in IGNORANCE because it does NOTHING to boost your personal brand – it just proves that you reside in a PART of the city where common sense is typically at a minimum.

There is only a few emotions that should be going through your mind right now, and those are A) Anger [that someone would put innocent peoples lives in danger by recklessly shooting someone in a crowded venue], B) Blue [because these ignorant-ass incidents are straight sad-as hell] and/or C) Concerned [since all you can do is hope and pray this sh*t doesn’t happen again]. For me there’s also the emotion of D) Disgust, because as an event-promoter I know the amount of work that goes into that, and it SUCKS to see THIS be the outcome.

This shooting doesn’t make me feel like I live in grimy-ass city with thugs and gangsters – it makes me feel like I reside in a city full of wannabes, posers and vaginas who do fake-thug sh*t.

My only take away from this shooting is the same thing I wrote on my Twitter account right after the news of the shooting broke:

“There’s 2 types of people in this world – those with common sense and those who are surprised the Young Jeezy concert got shot up.”

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