Is A Relationship That Begins With ANY Form Of LYING DOOMED To Eventually FAIL?!

As of tomorrow, Friday, April 20th, damn near everyone I know will be going out to see the film ‘Think Like A Man’ and I would be lying if I said I’m not MORE than a little intrigued to see how this movie plays out [especially since I write a blog with A LOT of sex and relationship content]. So as I watched the trailer again last night, there was one particular relationship-interaction that REALLY caught my eye and intrigued me: The relationship between Taraji P. Henson and Michael Ealy [with his ol’ lying self]. What I wonder is this: Can a relationship initiated with ANY form of lying, still have any chance at being successful after the truth comes out?

Here’s the trailer for anyone who HASN’T seen it yet:

So from what I can gather, Ealy’s character portrays himself to be a baller on Taraji’s level and eventually ends up getting exposed and trying to start over anew by being completely honest and keeping it real. And as much as I love providing relationship insights, this is one topic that I really am stuck on: After you discover someone was dishonest about themselves from the moment you started dating them, can you rebuild the relationship after the truth comes out?

It’s an interesting dichotomy because the beginning of the dating process should lend itself to the MOST honest interaction you can have with someone. You owe that person NOTHING plus you don’t really know them so you shouldn’t really care what they think of you. BUT, on the other hand we are ALL somewhat dishonest about ourselves during the initial dating period [hence why we have OUR REPRESENTATIVE that we bring out on our first few dates]. Let’s keep it real, there’s a LOT of things we aren’t 100% honest about even with our CURRENT partners RIGHT NOW – but can that be overcome? Does it depend on the size of the lie?

So I pose this question to you: Can a relationship initiated in dishonesty SURVIVE after the truth comes out [because ALL relationships are like that to an extent] or is it doomed to FAIL?

I’m gonna go see this movie on Friday and I hope you all do too, because I’m gonna write a follow-up to this post and we can all CONTINUE to debate on whether or not a relationship like this can survive.

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