2011/12 NBA Thoughts – Vol. 15: Are The Celtics Too Old To Win?! [By: Porsha Melcher]

Heat v Pacers

Well, this series is clearly over, as I predicted, the Heat did win, but let’s discuss a few things. What was Danny Granger, as well as the other Pacers, thinking when they talked noise about the Heat? That was like waking a sleeping bear, nothing good can come of doing that and that is why they are sitting at home now. The Pacers were at a disadvantage when their coach gave game 4 away after misusing his starters, and the series was over.

Lakers v Thunder

The Thunder won this series with ease as expected, and the Lakers have a lot to consider this off-season. They may need to make a few moves, mainly trading either Bynum or Gasol. They also need a better supporting cast and maybe there’s a chance they can land Howard or D.Will in free agency. Mainly D. Will would be a good acquistion for the Lakers moreso than Howard if they keep Bynum. But truth be told, it may be best that they part ways with Bynum too. His lack of maturity among other things is enough to make a firm decision to let him go.

Conference Finals

Heat v Celtics

Every year we say the Celtics are too old and every year they somehow manage to stay alive in the playoffs. Then we think because they beat the Heat in the regular season that they have a chance and all that may be true….but the Heat will win in 6 games. Lebron and Wade are playing well right now and the Pacers series woke them up, so with or without Bosh they will advance. While Rondo will feast on the heat guards mainly Chalmers the Heat have Wade and Bron Bron. KG and Co. don’t want it with the Heat..the intimidation factor is gone now so unless they can channel the 04’ version of KG and even Jesus Shuttlesworth, book it Heat in 6.

Thunder v Spurs

I am, and will continue to be a Spurs fan, but I have grown to like the Thunder these past few years. With all that said I will ride with my Spurs to take the series in 6 games(maybe 7). The Thunder are young and hungry, but I think the experience as well as Coach Pop will be enough for the Spurs to advance. KD will ball, but it just wont be enough with the smart coaching of Popovich. Barkley hates the Riverwalk well he better get use to being in San Antonio this next week.


Can’t say I didn’t see Van Gundy and Otis being fired coming. Now that Shaq has declined any interest in the GM position the real question is “Do you trade Dwight?” and my answer is YES! He clearly doesn’t want to be in Orlando and the nasty part of me says send him to the worst team possible for all he has put Orlando through, but seriously they need to get the best deal possible and move on.

Why are they really talking about whether or not Lin will stay with the Knicks? It’s too early to focus on that as with the playoffs still going on and also he needs to stay in NY where he fits their system. I understand the Knicks giving Woodson the extension and hiring him as the head coach. Yet they should expect the same results from when he coached the Hawks…lots of isolation plays and mediocrity.

Are people watching the WNBA anymore? Just a question, I used to watch as a kid then they got rid of the Comets (hometown team).

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