Beautiful Women With DREADS Take SEXY To A New Level

I was chilling with my boy the other day and he has a little sister [18 years young] who is contemplating getting dreadlocks, although it appears everyone is trying hard as HELL to talk her out of it. Her family complains because they think it will adversely affect how she is graded in school as well as future employment opportunities. Although this beautiful young girl is as smart as she is gorgeous, I don’t think that is a good reason to STOP her from getting dreads, but I’m NOT part of the family so I stayed silent – until they started to talk about how getting dreads would make boys not approach her and make her undated-able. BULL-F*^KING-SH*T.

Let me tell you ladies something you may NOT know: Men find dreadlocks sexy as F*^K. And not regularly sexy in the “I just wanna titty-smash you and bust a nut on your left clavicle” kind of way, but much MORE than that. I hate to generalize but I can’t help it in this scenario: There is a natural aura of understated sensuality [NOT overt sexuality] that makes a man want to lie her down on a chocolate brown bed, rub her soft body down with warm oils and have multi-orgasmic, spiritually-enhancing, mind-freeing sex while THIS plays in the background:

But more than that, it makes me want to explore her mind AND her soul. Call it corny if you want, but the mentality of a Black woman strong enough to wear dreadlocks DESPITE the social stigmas that may abound, is a mindset worth investigating. It seems in today’s world, where so many beautiful young women are concerned with what “society’s” standards of beauty are and conforming to it, there are NOT a lot of women willing to go against the grain and be beautiful in their OWN right – and that uniqueness and individuality is SEXY as hell just in its own right.

But I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t just a huge superficial attraction there. Let’s keep it funky: When I see a beautiful woman with dreads like this:

My FIRST thought isn’t “wow, I wonder how she feels about ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill..” Actually my first thought is something along the lines of “JEEZUS CHRISSSST…watch har nuh!” and then after I collect myself and realize she has a cool down-to-earth vibe, and a sense of humour that matches her beauty, I’M ALL IN.

So as I sat in my friend’s house hearing them degrade the attractiveness of women with dreads I had to step in and check every DAMN body in that room. The reality of the situation is this: Any man that is incredibly turned off by dreads is EXACTLY the type of man that a woman interested in wearing dreads should definitely avoid. There’s NOTHING wrong with a dude not wanting his girl to have dreads, but ladies THAT one man does NOT speak for ALL of us.

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