Bruh, THIS Is What You Need To Seriously Consider Before Deciding To Smash A BIG GIRL

She looks like big fluffy fun - but sh*t can go bad FAST...

If there’s thing I CONSTANTLY see dudes doing nowadays, it’s inaccurately calling the wrong women THICK. I’ve heard dudes dramatically OVERSTATE which women they think are thick [anyone calling Alicia Keys thick deserves to be falcon punched in the esophagus], but more often than not the issue is that dudes dramatically UNDERSTATE who they call thick [the only thing “thick” on Precious is her eyelids, nigga she’s built like a Ford F150]. The problem with this mass confusion is the fact that dudes are always on some “I’LL HIT THAT” type-sh*t with women they THINK are THICK that are actually BIG GIRLS [a combination of thick with a little extra cute fluffiness to her] – and getting it in with big girls is no SMALL feat.

Bruh, here’s the FIRST thing you need to seriously consider: “Can I HANDLE all dat?”

The thing about seeing massive breastesses and a big ol’ booty is you gonna be so stuck on imagining it shake, wiggle and roll, that you don’t realize a BIG GIRLS curves are DEADLY. There’s no pointy knees and elbows like some boney girls who will make you feel like you’re laying in a bed full of butter knives. Big girls have bodies that FLOW and because there’s so much of HER, there’s so much more you need to be attentive to. HUGE breasts have so much land mass that you actually need to put in some work to find the right spot to kiss and caress and if she asks you to slap her ass you can’t just give it a little tap – nigga you need to swing like you’re in a wordstarhiphop fight, which brings me to point two:

Bruh, here’s the SECOND thing you need to seriously consider: “Is my sex game even up to PAR?”

The truth is, anyone can get it in with a small slim chick who you can fling around the room and make yourself feel like a pr0n-star – but dealing with a big girl presents some unique challenges that will TEST how good you REALLY are in the bedroom. Unless you got a solid health plan, forget trying to fling her all over the room, you will need to rely on excellent positioning. Do you know where to place the pillows underneath her while you’re hitting it from the back so she feels it deep? Do you know how to position her knees while she’s on top so it’s comfortable for you BOTH? If not, you’re NOT ready for a big girl yet bruh.

Bruh, here’s the THIRD thing you need to seriously consider: “Do I need some Extended Pleasure condoms?”

Dude, you REALLY need to understand what you are getting yourself into when you smash a big girl. For those of you who have NEVER been inside big girl nani, the reality is this: It’s typically very tight, shallow and wet – which all can add up to you busting a nut before the chorus of the first song on your sex-mixtape. Many men who have smashed big girls expected the nani to be big, and when they find out its Supermax security tight and Rain Forest moist, the sugar walls end up DOMINATING them. And don’t even get those dudes started on the head – it’ll bring a damn TEAR to your eye.

Bruh, here’s the FINAL thing you need to seriously consider: “Did you eat your Wheaties this morning?”

If you luckily find yourself in the midst of a multi-orgasmic big girl – you better have a serious weight-training background because you will be in for a ride like never before. If she’s on top and she’s cumming – HARD – she will grind the LIFE and SOUL out of you while you slide back and forth all over the bed trying to hold on to the headboard for dear life. Some women LOVE to be held tightly and gripped closely when they cum, so when she needs a bear hug, don’t give her some soft-ass Cub Cuddle.

So here’s my tip to you fellas: The NEXT time you see a big beautiful girl and you feel the need to remark out loud “I’ll HIT that!”, take a second to go over the above list in your head. If you can NOT confidently assure yourself that you can manage satisfying her the way she DESERVES to be, then save your breath, but more importantly, save her from wasting any of her precious time on your weak-back, amateur-hour sex game.

This Is Your Conscience

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  1. Mia

    07/21/2016 at 1:03 PM

    That’s so true I’m a bigger girl and never had a problem in bed other than them finishing quick, but of course if there head games strong it’ll make up for it. The guy I was with bragged about how all he liked being with was big women blah blah! I made him wait for a year and we finally Did it and it was Terrible he didn’t know what he was doing! I have huge tits waist is 15inch smaller than booty and breast but he was like idk clueless!! I need him to read this article lol and he had a bigger than average penis (8ish) so size wasn’t the issue oh man
    I was so disappointed!!