Every Woman’s WORST Nightmare: The Spoiler

She will wash his bathroom, kitchen AND balls ALL in a single bound..

Last summer I wrote a blog about the P*ssy-Ruiner [http://www.thisisyourconscience.com/2011/07/06/the-pssy-ruiner-the-best-worst-sex-partner-ever/] and how this bastard is simultaneously the best thing to ever happen to a woman AND the worst. Basically, a p*ssy ruiner is a man [or woman] that takes a woman to such extreme levels of freakiness and Earth-shattering, squirtastic orgasms, that any man who comes after just can’t measure up – leaving her p*ssy forever ruined [until she runs into that person again]. Well, the reality about the Nani-Ruiner is that there is a female equivalent: The Spoiler.

But here’s the crazy thing about The Spoiler: It doesn’t have as MUCH to do with sex as it has to do with the ENTIRETY of the relationship. The Spoiler is a woman who does the MOST for a man without getting or even expecting to receive the MOST from him. This is a woman who will give a dude full-blown wifey treatment, while he treats her like Diddy treats Kim Porter. She is faithful – even though he doesn’t have to be, attentive to all his needs – even though he doesn’t have to be regarding hers, and fully committed to satisfying all of his physical and emotional desires – even though he doesn’t come close to doing this for her. Why is she every woman’s worst nightmare: Because her actions allow sorry-ass dudes to think that their interactions are indicative of a normal relationship.

See, The Spoiler makes half-ass-effort-giving men EXPECT to receive KING treatment while not simultaneously treating his woman like a QUEEN and that becomes his concept of normative behaviour in a relationship. And after having The Spoiler as an ex, when the dude meets a woman with sense who believes in fair and equitable treatment between both parties, he will STRUGGLE to act right, because at the end of the day he believes SHE is being a HARD-ASS when she is just acting with common sense.

Dudes who have dated Spoilers in the past, will expect things like being pampered ALL the time, even when his ass was home all day not doing a DAMN thing. He will expect a half-hour blow job right as she walks through the door after she worked a 10 hour shift like THAT’S not an excessive and wild request. They will even bust on your work clothes and expect YOU to go wash it, dry it and iron it right after.

Can a man who has been with a Spoiler change into a better spouse? That, I’m not sure of. But I know TRYING to change him is the easiest way to lose your damn mind. I will say this though: Life would be a LOT easier for ALL parties if Spoilers realized their true worth from the start and simply ceased to exist. That way, a lot of men would stop losing GOOD women because they were too damn spoiled by an accommodating-ass ex.

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