Ladies, Here’s How You Deal With A Man Who Has Trust Issues: RUN [As FAST As You Can]

"This b*tch was on her goddamn phone all Sunday but Imma find out who she creepin' wit!"

"Bitch! You f*^kin' a nigga named Rev Jackie?! What kinda name is Rev for a nigga anyways?!'s your bad baby, love you!"

There’s a very large notable difference between dating a woman with trust issues and dating a man with trust issues: Typically, dating a woman with trust issues will lead to non-stop annoyance and frustration, constantly having to answer questions that you don’t want to and engage in arguments that aren’t even anger-worthy. It gets frustrating constantly having to reassure her you’re committed and equally frustrating having to always prove your character just because she dated a DOUCHE in the past who acted the damn fool. But, typically, dealing with a man with trust issues is EXPONENTIALLY more dangerous to a woman’s mental, emotional and physical health.

In our modern western society, there are three types of grown-ass adults you will run into on the dating scene: 1) The Trusting [unfortunately a very small percentage], (2) The Realist [a weird combination of pessimism and optimism] and (3) The insecure, distrusting Lunatic. As much as we all would like to be in a relationship with The Trusting person who gives us all benefit of the doubt until we prove we don’t deserve it, the fact is many of us don’t deserve to date that person, because so many of us are NOT that person our damn selves.

But what you don’t want to do is confuse The Realist and The Lunatic, because they are very different in their own ways despite the few similarities. See, The Realist is the person who doesn’t overcommit in one way or the other, because they know and understand the reality of cheating, so they hope for the best but prepare for the worst. The Lunatic, on the other hand, is incredibly insane because they really feel like they can CONTROL the cheating from ever happening [where The Realist resigns themselves to the fact it can happen no matter what they do], but even worse, people with trust issues are severely unequipped with dealing with the mere IDEA that cheating is going on – and when MEN act like this to their women, they can be EXTREMELY VOLATILE.

So, ladies, do NOT try and put up with men with trust issues – just RUNand here’s a few reasons WHY:

When Dating A Man With Trust Issues, You Are ONE Step Away From Getting Your ASS Beat

Insecure men are not good at handling emotional pain and mental disappointment. When a man gets his heart broken by finding out HIS woman let another man slide between her thighs, it leaves him emotionally destroyed – and the worst part about being wrecked that way is there is NO real way to return the pain in-kind. These men become insecure and when YOUR happy ass comes strolling along full of sunshine, flowers and lollipops and lures his heart into the zone he thought he would never go again [LOVE] he will go CRAZY at the idea you may be cheating. And that pain and disrespect that he CANNOT return in-kind emotionally, will become something he will want to return PHYSICALLY with his wannabe Anderson Silva punk-ass.

"I knew your bougie high-yella ass was triflin' as hell.."

When Dating A Man With Trust Issues, Understand He Is Not OVER or PAST His Ex

I wrote THIS article on this site a while back to explain how someone’s feeling for their ex can affect their current relationship EVEN if they no longer want to be with that person anymore. Ladies, a man with severe trust issues has NOT let go of his past and there’s not a DAMN thing you can do to help him. You can be as loyal and as faithful as you want, but he will ALWAYS feel like you are up to something. You can spend 23 hours in one day with him and spend 1 hour going to Shoppers Drug Mart or Walgreens to buy condoms for HIM to use on YOU, and he will STILL want to check your phone like “so….who keeps texting you?!”

When Dating A Man With Trust Issues, Accept That He’s PROBABLY Cheating On You RIGHT NOW

Here’s the funniest thing about dudes with trust issues and insecurities: Even though he has NOT caught you in the act, the mere fact that he has allowed crazy ideas of infidelity to infiltrate his mind has given him JUST CAUSE to go out and get NEW NANI. This is his method of self-defence for his potentially shattered-ego: ‘Show that b*tch that I can get some ratchet p*ssy too!’ In fact, here’s ANOTHER funny thing about dudes with trust issues: Some dudes who CONSTANTLY cheat on their women [regardless of whether they thought she was cheating or not] will start to not trust their girl simply because THEY are doing wrong sh*t.

But the main take away from all of this boils down to one simple ideology: You can NOT change a man with trust issues no matter HOW “good” you act. Some men will eventually grow out of it and some won’t, but your best bet is waiting to see how he turns out – just NOT together.

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