Men Aren’t Reluctant To Be In Relationships – They Are Just Reluctant To Date YOU

Oh, you can do bad all by yourself? Well get ready to...

Ladies, allow me to introduce myself: I am Lincoln Anthony Blades and I’m a capricorn. I am Bajan-Canadian, I’m approaching 30 and I like to write and call people frowsy douchebags – oh, and contrary to your OWN opinion, I am NOT like every other man out there. While I may share many similarities with a lot of dudes, the fact is I am my OWN man who should NOT be pushed under some bullish*t generalization you have made of my entire gender because of YOUR perceived dating failures. But here’s the unfortunate news for you: Proclaiming dudes out here aren’t seripous about relationships because YOU haven’t met any is more a reflection of who YOU choose to date, than the dating pool at large.

That opening sentence is what 95% of men wish they could say to frowsy, bitter and angry chicks who love to make generalized statements about men’s commitment-inferiority, not because they have done an extensive study but because THEY haven’t found what they are looking for. I’m actually starting to believe that many women find solace in believing that most men can’t handle a serious relationship because that way they can ignore any role they played in contributing to the demise of their relationship. So bitter ladies, in 2012 and beyond, it’s time to DROP the BS about men sucking at relationships and own up to your own musty failures at love.

So why aren’t YOU in the long term and serious relationship that you crave so much? Oh, it’s because men don’t know how to appreciate a good woman? Or is it because men don’t have the capacity to be faithful and loyal? OR, is it because men are just too damn reluctant to be coupled up because they feel trapped and claustrophobic? I have an idea – how about Option D, that states ‘men as a whole are not hesitant to want to be in a loyal, faithful, committed and serious relationship – just the bum-ass niggas YOU run into.

What makes me sick is the fact that women can voice these over-generalizations and receive some measure of props for them, but the second a man even THINKS of uttering how all women are one way or the other, all kinds of flags are thrown on the field.

The simple reality of dating is that we are all intensely responsible for what happens in our relationships. Of course we have to take credit for how they end [no matter how horribly] because we exercised our own free will and choice to even date that person. So if you keep dating the same kind of frowsy ass loose ball, at some point you have to take responsibility for the [obvious] outcomes of your dates. And the reality is, men are NOT scared of being in serious relationships with good women, but if you are noticing you have NO good relationships with men, the issue is NOT them.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience