There’s NOTHING Wrong With Michelle Obama Liking Beyonce – You Self-Righteous IDIOT

There’s ONE topic I really wanted to address on my podcast this week, but unfortunately due to time restraints, never got the chance to: The Black blogospheres criticism of Michelle Obama stating how much she wishes she could SING like Beyonce. If I wasn’t so intimately familiar with the mass populous’ affinity for anti-intellectual and self-aggrandizing statements, I might actually be shocked at this mini-backlash against the FLOTUS. But as usual, in the sea of criticism, there remains a bunch of common sense ideologies that go OVERLOOKED in people’s overzealousness to be self-righteous.

So here’s how this whole thing started: In an interview with People magazine, Michelle Obama was asked “is there any celebrity with whom she’d switch lives?” and her reply was:

“Gosh, if I had some gift, I’d be Beyoncé. I’d be some great singer. The power of music, being able to play an instrument… It looks like musicians just have the most fun.”

On the scale of safe, non-threatening and uncontroversial answers, this should have registered a 2 out of 10 [1 being boring as sh*t and 10 being Mel Gibson], but somehow this managed to draw the ire and self-righteous rage of a group of swarmy-c*nts who feel like her answer is tantamount to giving her daughters free license to make their booties clap at Sue’s Rendezvous.

So please allow me to break down why all the self-righteous DOUCHEBAGS who have a problem with Michelle O loving Beyonce are all full of their own sanctimonious BULLSH*T:

Things self-righteous IDIOTS say: “Beyonce Is A TERRIBLE Role Model”

Really? Being a talented, hard working business owner is a BAD role model? My question to you is, what is a GOOD role model? If you’re searching for the perfect person without any flaws, I got BAD news for you: That person doesn’t exist. Is Beyonce the “gold standard” of role models? Maybe not, but I would argue what human being truly is? We are all living dichotomies of good and bad, but are we really gonna sit here and debate if she is more good than bad? I guess Michelle should have avoided Beyonce and said someone like Oprah Winfrey or Maya Angelou? I mean, it’s not like Oprah ever smoked crack or something – oh, wait. Well, at least Maya was never addicted to drugs – oh, wait.

The reason I LOVE Michelle Obama [her and Shanel Cooper-Sykes are my favourite women in the world NOT related to me] is because she is REAL and down-to-earth – especially as it relates to OUR community. She’s not some air-headed bimbo who can’t name ONE magazine or newspaper she reads, she is a cool and relatable person just like US. Growing up, I wanted to be like Michael Jordan, Nas and Mekhi Phifer – but explain how admiring those people negatively affected my life, education or professional aspirations? You CAN’T. My sister wanted to be like Mary J. Blige and Nia Long – and you can ask her how those depictions negatively affected her – right after you stare into her masters degree.

Just like you and me, Michelle, Malia and Sasha are fully functioning human beings who can and WILL be successful with a WIDE variety of DIFFERENT role models, and YES, the successful businesswoman, loving mother, tireless philanthropist and f*^king AMAZING entertainer Beyonce Knowles is perfectly fine to be among them.

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