2011/12 NBA Thoughts – Vol. 16: The Heat Can’t Win If D-Wade Is MIA [By: Porsha Melcher]

So the much anticipated finals are here and I can’t say I am surprised that we are watching the Heat v Thunder matchup (I said that I expected this earlier this year) I really hate that TNT isn’t covering the Finals, I just am not feeling JB, Magic, Wilbon and Broussard, they are so back and forth with their opinions and flat out boring. Oh how I miss the old NBA on NBC days. While I am disappointed that my beloved Spurs got that behind beat, (singing…I’m not bitter, ok I’m little bitter in my Marsha Ambrosious voice) It is what it is. (Kanye shrug)

Who ya Wit!!(Bernie Mac voice)

So since I really don’t have a horse in this race, I will keep it all the way 100. Yes the Thunder are the young guns and the Heat are the experienced team, but honestly this series can go either way. I can definitely see both teams winning the 2 games they have at home and then it will get quite interesting. The series will come down to multiple things mainly the production of Bosh and Harden(x-factors), the bench production(miami has a trash bench) and Wade. Wade is clearly not healthy let’s just keep it real, but he can make a difference when he isn’t whining about calls. He is elusive and can make the most unconventional shots, but at times he loses focus trying to force fouls to be called and not always doing the intangibles.

Bron and KD will show up and be consistent, but it comes down to how bad the others want it. Now Bron has to be productive and active unlike last year, but I don’t see that being an issue (the man is reading books during the playoffs, he’s focused). While it is possible for the higher seeded Thunder to win this series not winning one game on the road, it would not be wise. So whoever wins the first game on the road may very well win the series, but don’t write this loser of game one off immediately. I know that sounds like a contradiction with me stating what I said, but understand this…the playoffs have been very unpredictable with teams leading 2-0 losing the series.

So with that as well as many believing the NBA fixes series (we know it’s true, somewhat) but I can’t decide a clear favorite because honestly despite what Vegas states there isn’t one with them splitting the season series 1-1. Now just like Wade is important so is Westbrook, and he needs to be aggressive but under control as well. Also they Thunder need to chase Battier and Chalmers off they 3-point line because we have noticed Chalmers( who thinks he’s better than he is in his head)can make those shots consistently, oh add Bosh too.While the Heat have the advantage for game one in that they are fresh off a 7 game series with the Celtics, the Thunder have youth and are fully rested. While I like to watch at least a game before deciding, I know this is Bron’s time to win. I don’t know how much more he can take if he doesn’t win, I know he said if they don’t win the season is still a success and he will be content either way…but we don’t believe you, you need more witnesses!

I will ride with the Heat in 7, I’m not a fan of the Heat but I think this time they find a way to win it all. I could be wrong though and if so Thunder up!!! LOL.

***Last night’s game was a decent game 1, again it doesn’t mean the Heat are in trouble because they lost the first game. But Bosh needs to get back in the post and stop taking so many outside shots, ok we get it you made a few 3’s. The length and height of the Thunder will bother Wade, those flimsy shots he usually musters up against smaller or equal sized guards won’t work this series. He needs to stop jumping into the defender and pump faking so much and just shoot the ball. Lebron, I really am starting to feel sorry for him. He has to do too much for them to win to the point if this doesn’t work out he should have stayed in Cleveland. But it’s too soon to tell if this will leave him 0-3 in the Finals.

The Thunder are a very confident bunch, you can never count them out. KD is a great natural shooter and Westbrook almost had a triple double while Ibaka and Perkins weren’t really factors last night. If they get rolling and figure things out as well as stop playing from behind, they can win and will win this series. They know how to play from behind and the last series gave them so much confidence that it’s hard to root against them. So until the Thunder or Heat take complete control of the series, we will have to tune in every other night for the coverage.

Celtics’ Big 3…It was nice while it lasted

Be ready to see Ray Allen in another jersey next october as well as possibly KG, but I can see them trying to retain KG another year or so. They did well and brought another championship to “Beantown” in 2008. So honestly they achieved their goal and everything else was a bonus. Health was a big issue as much as age was, but time is undefeated. It’s time to add more youth to play with Rondo who is hitting is stride and in his prime.

Spurs…what we gonna do now?

Timmy wants to stay another year or two and who am I to say no, so I’m sure the Spurs will give him another deal. He’s voiced his desire to want to stay in San Antonio and finish as a Spur. The key will be finding and developing another big man, whether or not the big man is offensive or defensive doesn’t really matter with Manu and Tony still playing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put Tony on the trade block again, crazy I know yet nothing surprises me anymore. The bench needs a little more depth and most importantly they need youth. Nicholas Batum will be a FA they may need to look in his direction if the cap room allows it.


Tiger finally won a major event in like forever, keep doing ya thing Tiger. Prove me wrong in saying you were done and keep making “The Man” mad that you are back to winning and dominating but making them tons of money. Maybe he’s back to his old mojo of women and golf, who knows…but stay thirsty my friends!

Pac v Bradley

While I am not a boxing aficionado to say the least, I can agree that something in the milk isn’t clean in regards to this match. Not saying they fixed the series, but it sure looks like it. First let me state that almost a week and a half before the match, Bradley was on the radio here stating how this bout would be the first of a trilogy of fights. I thought it was weird considering they hadn’t fought the first match so why would you guarantee this especially if you lose? Secondly Pac won that match fair and square and didn’t even look too shocked he lost…wheretheydothatat? So I’m not saying the obvious but if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck…it’s a duck. Tis’ all(drops mic and walks off)

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