Although “Obamacare” Won The Supreme Court Battle, It Has A LONG Way To Go

Yesterday, June 28, 2012, reminded me a lot of March 23, 2010 when Obama signed the Affordable Care Act making it the law of the land. People started passing out in the streets and hang convulsions at the idea that they were now instantly covered – but clearly they had NO idea what was really going on. Fast-forward over two years later and AGAIN there are people having full-blown orgasms over the idea that they NOW have the coverage they’ve always dreamed of, but once again they have NO idea what is currently going on. The simple truth of the matter is this: Yesterday, the ACA was ruled to NOT be unconstitutional – but there are still MANY challenges facing this administration and their Health Care reform.

To start, the House GOP leadership has already planned to hold a repeal vote in July and Mitt Romney has already stated that once he gets in office, he will REPEAL the ACA as his first order of business. So here’s the challenge facing Obama and the Democrats: For ONCE, you ALL need to take a FIRM stance, play the propaganda game and explain to Americans WHY the ACA is SUCH a beneficial piece of legislation. If not, they will witness this already unpopular act, become MUCH more unpopular in the eyes of the public and that will effectively RUIN any substantive support they can put behind this cause as a collective party, especially during a federal election.

If there’s one thing I give Republicans credit for, it’s their ability to fiercely defend a point of view and use all types of [often bullish*t] rhetoric and propaganda to support it. Conservative Republicans understand their base and how to reach out to them and they do it very effectively. Republicans won’t just tell people that immigration is bad – they will go as far as to frame it as a national security issue BASED on the fact that Americans are being SLAUGHTERED [and beheaded] everyday by cocaine-cowboy immigrants. They don’t just say that gun control is bad – they go as far as to say that after Obama personally takes your gun from your closet, he will let every criminal in the neighbourhood know, so he can laugh while you get robbed ay gun-point. And they don’t just say that the ACA may have too much spending – they will go as far as to photoshop Obama’s head onto Hitler and ask people what they think of Socialist-Medicine.

Hate them or love them, Republicans get their point across – and that’s what DEMOCRATS need to do – WITHOUT the anti-intellectualism. The truth is there are MANY good parts about the ACA that benefit Americans MUCH more than the current system in place – but who REALLY knows them? And who is REALLY out there explaining them in an easy-to-read and factual manner?

The truth is, it would be GREAT if we lived in a society where common sense prevailed but we DON’T. We live in a world where people are gullible enough to believe something the first time they hear it – and if you do the common Democrat thing [just hope and believe that people will eventually smarten up without responding] you will leave the debate in the hands of the ignorant and uninformed. So Democrats, this is what it is: If the ACA doesn’t start to gain more popularity through your hard work and effort, it will be ALL your fault if this law FAILS and is eventually REPEALED.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience