He thinks all women are b*tches - but the biggest b*tch is the one staring back at his ass in the mirror

I know a LOT of bitter dudes – hell, I use to BE a bitter dude. Man or woman, there’s no shame in admitting that you’ve been bitter at some point in your life, because it SHOULD be nothing more than a temporary label typically given to you after a somewhat traumatic or unfortunate event in your dating life. But if there’s one realization I’ve come to, it’s that men tend to be bitter a LOT longer and harder than women are. Women can get knocked the hell down, get up, brush her self off and keep it moving, while many men get knocked down, get bitter and proceed to scream sh*t like “B*tches ain’t sh*t!” But here’s the problem with their mentalities – bitter men are essentially the same as SMART men – except they DECIDED to IGNORE their better sense just to keep chasing some seriously ill-nani.

Earlier this week I created a post about my dudes from BrothersWithNoGame.com and how they are starting their own web series. Well, for those of you who HAVEN’T seen it, here it is:

[Obviously I would like if you could watch the ENTIRE clip, but for the sake of this discussion, watch from the start until about 6:50]

Here you have Theo, a chill, NICE guy who is on a date with a pretty cool woman who is feeling him on SOME level. But this negro ends up driving her to another dudes place to get BANGED out, while he heads to his boys spot to play PS3 [And for those of you who think that’s a far-fetched premise, unfortunately it’s NOT – but there’s no time to delve into stories right now]. So let me explain the REAL WORLD application of how this scenario would affect the average dude out there: He would drive old girl to the dudes house, call and text her nonstop the next day, keep going out with her and getting further and further away from the nani, and eventually she reveals she’s not interested AT ALL, and he spirals into a bitter depression [or bitter-induced fit of rage]. He then believes you need to be an ASSHOLE to get women these days, and proceeds to treat a trail of women like SH*T [even GOOD ones who he could have formed a decent relationship with]. THIS is how bitter men are created these days.

But what these bitter dudes don’t realize, is that their wilful ignorance is their own WORST enemy when it comes to evolving into a bitter ass man. Whether the scenario is driving a girl to a next mans place, being cheated on by a hussy, having your bank account drained by a spiteful chick or getting arrested because your crazy-ass woman said you assaulted her, there was ALWAYS a higher voice in your head making you cognitively aware of the possible BULLSH*T that was gonna come with this chick – and you CHOSE to ignore it.

Theo’s conscience KNEW Nicole’s game from the JUMP – but instead of extricating himself from the situation, or at the very least telling her to go F*^K herself, his desire to be wilfully ignorant of what was REALLY going on, led him to burn expensive-ass gas driving some “friend” around town.

Listen bruh, understand that the road to bitterness is paved with wilful ignorance – but the road to balanced happiness is paved with simple self respect.

This Is Your Conscience

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