F*^K Warring Against “JUNK” Food – Let’s Start Promoting EXERCISE

Do you remember in 2004 a documentary called “Supersize Me” was released where some douchebag named Morgan Spurlock decided to rage against the McDonald machine by showing how unhealthy their food was, which ultimately resulted in the elimination of Supersized fries and drinks? That PISSED me off because those supersize drinks were GREAT for long-ass road trips. Well since then we have seen a massive outcry for a crackdown of the “Junk” food industry, including ending subsidies, excessive labelling and even OUTLAWING some of this “junk.” But the more we focus on the food debate, the less we focus on an EXTREMELY important part of getting fit: Staying active and exercising.

The ‘War on Junk’ has been taken to an all-NEW level now that New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed banning the sale of more than 16 ounces of any drink that has more than 25 calories per eight fluid ounces. That means the days of buying big ass bottles of Coke, Sprite, Root Beer and Ice Tea will effectively be OVER. Why? Because this is a large scale move to help get people fit and healthy and improve their diets. But what about the other IMPORTANT half of this issue – the EXERCISE?

First, I must state that I applaud what they are TRYING to do, which essentially is saving overweight and unhealthy people from themselves and limiting their ability to stuff their faces full of bullish*t. But this effort is a lost cause unless they begin finding ways to make people stay active, because living a lethargic and sedentary lifestyle can be just as dangerous to some people as eating bad.

For example, the ‘War on Junk’ has been labelled as a battle we must win for OUR CHILDREN who are being unfairly targeted and subsequently addicted to fast food and sugary sweets. But here’s the problem: Only 6% of schools in the U.S offer daily physical education classes. Now, take into account that The National Association for Sports and Physical Education recommends 2 1/2 hours of physical activity a week for elementary school kids, and nearly four hours a week for middle and high schoolers. We are fighting HARD against McDonalds on one hand, but then we are FIGHTING our children’s health by letting phys. ed become a highly expendable part of their curriculum and assisting them in staying unfit. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong here – and that’s just with the KIDS.

Take a look into your life as an adult and ask yourself if YOU are getting the right amount of daily exercise, especially considering that your metabolism is starting to slow [unless you’re an insane weight lifter] which means YOU need the exercise as direly as your children do. Where are there politicians enforcing a law that dictates every employee should have a workout station provided by their employer? Or their benefits should include a reduced gym membership allotment? Or extra breaks should be granted at office and cubicle jobs allowing for employees to engage in some physical activity for 30 minutes? I honestly don’t care if you think those ideas are unrealistic, because the point is they are ideas to start pointing people in the RIGHT direction.

Is the sh*t in the vending machine REALLY her ONLY problem?

The reality is, this war on bullish*t food is starting to smell like a lot of bullish*t in and of itself. If you want people to get healthy let’s start by addressing the food, and follow it up by addressing our level of activity. If we refuse to do BOTH, then we are NOT addressing this issue as seriously as we like to BELIEVE we are.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience