If You Believe Love Doesn’t Exist & Marriage Doesn’t Work – You’re Only Speaking For YOURSELF

As I was perusing Facebook yesterday afternoon, I came upon a FB status that read: “Long lasting relationships don’t exist/last anymore in our generation. Agree or Disagree? I’m trying to settle a debate.” Though the question was a great discussion starter, I was appalled at the amount of ignorant and clueless young men and women who had the audacity to AGREE – as if THEIR relationship flaws somehow are indicative of everyone else’s “impending failures at Love.”

My Facebook response came in the form of my OWN facebook status where I wrote:

I Love Hearing People Say Bullsh*t Like “Marriage Doesn’t Work” And “Love Doesn’t Exist”..Please Correct Your Statement And Say, That Doesn’t Work Or Exist TO YOU – Just Because No One Wants To Spend Their Life With YOU Doesn’t Say Sh*t About Me And My Love Life

If you want to talk about FAILURES of this generation let’s start with overreacting to generalized and incompetent statements that are intrinsically disproved everyday by couples who cohabitate in successful, loving relationships all around us. I guess it’s easier to shut your eyes and act as if your own pain somehow symbolizes a lost generation of Love and Affection, rather than opening it and witnessing the awesome amount of mutual adoration that is divvied out in large shares between loving couples everyday.

"I don't know what to do fam...THERE'S AN ICEBOX WHERE MY HEART USED TO BE!"

You want to hear the reality of this generation: We are LAZY and WEAK. We get hurt once and never want to give someone our “All” ever again because we are too Lazy to invest in love and too scared we will get hurt, knowing we are too Weak to fully recover. We date without real conviction, meaningful standards, or higher expectations, and end up with whoever’s just around and comfortable because we are Lazy. We choose the wrong people to give our love to, and then we recoil in self-indignant rage and make laughable Facebook & Twitter statuses like “Eff men, this cold world don’t give a damn so neither do I” or “These h0es out here ain’t sh*t and just want thugs, so Imma be dat, nigga” – not knowing all the while they just look like WEAK children crying and starving for positive attention and to be handheld through their personal drama.

"I'mma do me until the bitter end because no one gonna love me like ME!"

When you say you believe love does NOT exist and marriage can NOT work, all you are doing is just revealing how pathetic YOUR love life is and how insecure YOU are. Some of us out here and living and loving and feeling great, and thank GOD we are too busy ENJOYING all that Love brings to attend your sorry-a*s pity party.

This Is Your Conscience

Lincoln Anthony Blades can be found on Twitter at @LincolnABlades and on Instagram at @ThisIsYourConscience