If You’re Looking For A Good Man – STOP Bragging About How Your PUM-PUM “TUN UP”

OF COURSE she's wife material - she can QUINT it..

As I get older, and slightly more disgusted and disconnected with new urban music and culture, I’ve noticed one troubling shift in the what a lot of ratchet female artists are propagating and what equally, ratchet female listeners are repeating and believing. In my days, women like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Lady Saw existed to let niggas know that there are women out there that can OUTF*^K them. So, if you think you are a bedroom bully, just WAIT until you buck up with one of these freaks because they will turn your ass OUT. But I’m noticing that’s not the message anymore – the message nowadays trends more towards “I got a platinum p*ssy which makes me WIFE material!” Ugh, b*tch are you crazy?

This rant was inspired by a vlog I just watched by my fellow Bajan blogger Babbzy who essentially stated that women need to stop asking WHY they don’t have a Cliff Huxtable-esque man in their frowsy-life while they are going into dancehalls dressed like scallywags, dutty-wining on the nasty ass floor. Well ladies, let me explain something about GOOD [high-quality] men: They don’t give a flying F*^K how good your p*ssy is, and by promoting it, all you are doing is devaluing yourself in their eyes and guaranteeing they won’t ever have anything to do with your ass.

Yes ladies you heard me right: In quantifying WIFE material, good men don’t give a F*^K how good your nani is. See, good men are out there searching for good women, and while tight, wet, eye-crossing nani is a dime a dozen these days, qualities like class, self-respect, intelligence, common-sense, ambition, dignity, class, grace, refinement, versatility, broughtupcy [consult a West Indian if you are unsure what that means], decorum, poise, tact and spiritual awareness are so rare and hard to find, that THOSE have become the features of wife material in 2012. Too many women are imitating Nicki Minaj, and not enough are simply embodying Claire Huxtable – so when we come across a Claire, the elasticity of her vaginal walls does NOT become a primary concern.

Let me repeat it again, just in case someone didn’t hear me: When it comes to WIFE material, good men don’t give a F*^K how good your nani is, and hears the main reason why: A good man [mentally, emotionally and PHYSICALLY aware] understands that the one trait a woman can have to completely OVERRIDE a woman with a tun-up pum-pum is sexual open-mindedness. That’s right, a good man will look right past your frowsy, spread-eagled crotch, to find a Claire Huxtable – who is open to exploring her freaky side like Jada Fire or Bella Moretti.

95% of the best sex a man has EVER had, he’s had with a good woman who he loved – but it doesn’t start out that way. Ask any dude about the love of his life and he will tell you the sex ONLY got better – because she was open to learn and adapt to what he liked and vice versa. Her pump-pum may NOT have been tun up at the start but it damn sure got better with time.

So ladies, before you update your next Facebook/Twitter/BBM or Tumblr status to how lethal your nani is, just take a second and REALLY evaluate WHO that message is TRULY going to appeal to – cause it’s not the type of man YOU are trying to settle down with – or who’s even interested in settling down with YOU.

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