Is $2,600 Enough Child Support For ONE Kid, Or Is It WAY Too Low?

Chris' New Girl (Pictured Here) And Son Are LIVING IT UP - Should His Baby Mother & Daughter Be Too?

Today, I am going to write a post-style I haven’t written in at least a year, because this situation has actually brought me to this level. Typically, I form an opinion on a given-topic and y’all come in and tell me if you agree or if I’m full of sh*t, but today I want to do something different: I want YOU to argue one side of this debate, because I need to be fully educated with your thoughts and opinions, so I can help and shape MY opinion on this issue. And today’s topic: Is $2,600 too much, too little or a FAIR amount for a woman to receive monthly in child support for one kid?

The reason that I ask is because Chris Bosh’s ex-girlfriend and current mother of his 3 year-old daughter Trinity, has recently filed for food-stamps although she is receiving $2,600 a month in child support from Chris Bosh. This has been a wildly intense debate that has occurred all over the blogosphere [especially in light of the fact that Halle Berry was just ordered to give her ex $20K a month in child support], and it has intensified because of the reality that Chris Bosh is a multi-millionaire who is providing his wife & SON with the “good life” but is not assisting his ex [Allison Mathis] in helping her and Trinity live in anything close to an equally comparable circumstance. I am of TWO minds about this issue, and I need YOUR help in finding the most common sense ideology about this topic.

Mind 1: This B*tch Allison Is STARVING For Attention Because It Doesn’t Take More Than $2,600 To Raise A Child

The fact that she is so publicly applying for food stamps is clearly a ploy to attract attention and pity to herself in an attempt to publicly label Chris as a cheapskate and a dirtbag. The reason she was so happy HERE:

Is due to the fact that she felt like her life would be SET. She managed to fall in love with a superstar ball-player who would take care of her for the rest of her life so she could push a luxury car, live in a mansion, never have to work a day in her life ever again, and even argue court side with Lebron:

She loved the lavish lifestyle and she felt ilke she “DONE CAME UP.”

But then reality hit, Chris left her for another woman, they went to court and she ended up getting $2,600 a month – a sum many women raise an entire family off of as a salary, much less just getting in child support. She wants attention because she ultimately wants to return to the lifestyle she lost – luxury cars, huge mansions and never having to punch a clock again as long as she lives.

Mind #2: Chris Bosh Is A DOUCHE – And She Should Be Getting WAY More Than a Paltry $2,600 A Month

The reality of Halle’s situation is that her total income and net worth played a huge factor in why she has to pay $20K a month to Gabriel, so what LOOPHOLE in the system did Allison fall through that Bosh, who’s worth MILLIONS, only has to pay $2,600 a month? Bosh’s yearly salary hovers around the 18 million mark, so how can the courts [much less himself] even THINK that that small amount is even fair or decent? His new wife probably spends that much in a day of shopping and eating out with her girlfriends.

Is Allison a gold digger? I don’t know enough about their past relationship to decipher that, but I know she didn’t TRAP that man. I also can say that she has been working a 9-5 at a construction company while receiving this child support and raising their daughter, and she’s raising a fuss NOW because she was laid off and that money will NOT support them the way they need to be. And hell, can you REALLY blame her for being mad that her millionaire baby father, who left her at 7-months pregnant, is content with paying $2,600 a month?

But, that’s ultimately the question I would like YOU to help answer for me.

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