Love Him Or Hate Him – The Coronation Of KING JAMES Is Complete [By: Porsha Melcher]

The Heat are the newly crowned NBA Champions and honestly today feels the same like yesterday. Maybe because I didn’t have a horse in the race, I really wasn’t overjoyed by them winning and the Thunder losing. But one thing I can say, Lebron carried his team and showed up when he was needed. He officially convinced me not that he cares, and that he is the greatest player of this era/generation. While I can never say he is the greatest of all time (because I don’t believe one player can be that great) he is great in his own way.

The best thing he did was tune the haters out as well as not watch the games in order to focus. He carried the team and even a borderline bum D-Wade (I’ll discuss that later). I have nothing bad to say about this team or man winning it all. It was well deserved and may very well be the first of many more championships, as well as more finals matchups between the Heat and Thunder (unless the Lakers manage to get Howard and Williams…Mitch make it happen!). Some things are destined to happen and the Heat just couldn’t miss a shot, as well as they wanted it more. Bosh played great and was always getting hyped about everything, although I can’t lie, it was annoying at times along with Chalmers aka “In studio gangster”. Shane played well and Mike Miller went unconscious in this game.

Congrats to Lebron and the Heat.

Thunder…Time to Reload

This offseason a few decisions will have to be made, mainly whether to keep Ibaka or Harden. Based on the way Harden played in this series he doesn’t deserve to come back next year, but he was the sixth man for a reason so this will be a hard decision. Just hope they make the right one. Now on to KD and Westbrook; it was a tough way to lose…but they will learn from this loss and come back stronger. Each year since making the playoffs they’ve improved and with the GM copying the Spurs in team management, they will be fine. Westbrook ball out of control and Durant finally had a real impact in game 5, too bad they couldn’t be great on the same night.

The young Thunder will rebound from this just like the Heat did last year. At times I wish Perkins didn’t have arms to shoot the ball, dude was just trash these playoffs. When his contract is up, they need to let him go. He didn’t help them and was more of a liability than anything, they need to throw money at Roy Hibbert this offseason if they have the cap room. They need a true inside presence offensively to win, the matchup favored the Heat because they could play small hence Joel Anthony barely playing. They will be fine as long as they try to keep this team intact unlike the 2009 Magic.


I don’t know how bad he is banged up or if he is on the decline, but if the latter is true then it was nice seeing him in his prime. 2006 Wade was great, really 2005 Wade was great too and I will never forget the dunk on Anderson “sideshow Bob” Varejao that killed his soul in 2009. As well as the series he ballled out in against the Celtics in 2010, I hope he can get back to what he was or a portion of it. If this is the end of his stellar play and we will get flashes of what he once was, I guess we will take it. Question is, will it be enough for the Heat to repeat or even retain him in the future.

Time will tell.

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