Over 50% Of Men In Relationships Are Faking Orgasms – Here’s Why

Researchers at the University of Kansas did a study on orgasms and found that most orgasm-faking is taking place in committed relationships [something we ALL could have easily guessed] but it’s the NUMBERS that may shock you: 78% of women have faked an orgasm with their significant other, which to me is a HIGH ass number. That means about 4 out of every 5 women a dude dates has faked an orgasm with him, and I don’t know about other dudes, but if that’s the case, then it’s troubling to think I’ve probably dated some Oscar-award winning actresses. But we’ve talked to death about women faking orgasms, so let’s get to the REAL interesting fact: That same study revealed 53% of men have faked an orgasm with their significant other. So ladies, that means half of the men you’ve dated in your life eventually gave up on busting a nut and put on a Leonardo Dicaprio performance inside of you.

Think about that for a second ladies: if you fall inline with this study, more than half of your past boyfriends felt it necessary to actually put on a performance about how GRAND your vagina is, just so he can pull out and get some much needed rest. Honestly, even as a man I’m a little shocked it’s THAT high [I would have guessed around the 33% mark]. But as a dude with some very open male friends, I can give y’all some insight into the TOP reasons why dudes in relationships are faking orgasms [because honestly, any man faking an orgasm outside of a relationship is an IDIOT].

Reason #3: He’s Simply A Long-Stroker

As I’m sure many women know first hand, there are some dudes out there that simply take FOREVER and a DAY to bust a nut – these dudes are called Long Strokers, cause they can keep stroking the nani for the length of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy or the elapsed time a Joe Budden album is pushed back. You know what pushes most of these dudes to end up faking? His woman asks something to the extent of: “Why you ain’t cum yet?!” And in his mind all he’s thinking is: “B*tch stop interrogating me and let me finish!” And the second his mind goes there a dreadful reality usually filters into his mind – ‘it’s not happening tonight’ – and at that point he has a decision: Pull out, roll over and deal with some BS problems OR fake, go to sleep in her arms and live to fight another day. Like a wise man, he chooses the latter.

Reason #2: He Doesn’t Want You To Feel UN-Sexy

Men have easily abused egos, but what goes under-reported is the fact that women have easily abused egos as well. As much as many women are confident and comfortable enough in their own skin to not give a flying F*^K what any man outside of her house thinks about her – she DOES care what her man thinks. And women do NOT take feeling unsexy very well at all, simply because women aren’t use to it. If there’s ONE thing women are use to, it’s men wanting their nani – but the ONE man she cares about wanting it is HER man, and if he appears to be uninterested inside of her, she will automatically feel un-sexy and that will bleed over into other parts of the relationship and eventually ruin it.

Reason #1: Because His Emotional/Mental Happiness Is More Important Than His Physical Satisfaction

This is a sacrifice that we typically attribute to women and why they fake orgasms [i.e. she would rather build a life with Harry Homemaker even though she will never forget the one night stand she had with Joe Grind or Mandingo]. But the reality is MEN deal with this same issue too. A lot of men strive to get as much nani as they can before they get married, and in doing so, they end up having some wild, freaky-ass experiences. The problem with all this great, nasty sex, is that it creates a high-standard of nut-busting that he NEEDS his partner to live up to, so when he meets a great woman who he connects perfectly with from an emotional and mental standpoint, BUT who can’t suck richard like that chick from South Beach or throw it back like those Twins he smashed in Cuba, then he has a real dilemma on his hands. And what he ends up doing at THAT point is making the most out of the sex he has with her because she is a dime in so many other aspects of the relationship in which he deems to be MUCH more important.

It’s something we do for love.

Of course there are SO many other reasons men fake orgasms [unhappy with THEIR body, depression, drug abuse, etc.] but whatever the reason is, dudes need to understand ONE simple thing about faking orgasms: The second you get caught, your relationship will take a HUGE step into the grave.

This Is Your Conscience

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