Stop Blaming The Other Woman For Breaking Up Your “Happy” Home

Today, I wanted to write a music post about how much I’m feeling Alicia Keys new song “New Day” but alas, any reference of her name is ultimately going to lead back to a conversation about her and Swizz Beats relationship and how they both joined forces to F*^K over Swizzy’s ex-wife Mashonda. While I was trying to exclaim to my friends how big the tune was, all my dudes were more interested in talking about how much more sexy she looks, and all my homegirls wanted to talk about was how much of a scallywag she is. One of my female friends even stated “she should be ASHAMED of herself for breaking up their happy home!” To which I replied, isn’t the fact that someone came between them a solid sign that their home WASN’T happy BEFORE A. Keys showed up?”

Here’s her new tune for anyone that’s interested:

Look, I’m not saying I advocate cheating or anything of the sort, but one should have a realistic outlook on the condition of their relationship before they choose to blame an outside party for negatively affecting it. I’ve said it once and I will say it again: I find it HILARIOUS when women walk in on their man cheating and INSTANTANEOUSLY try to kick the ass of the OTHER woman, while her man essentially sits and watches – why don’t you kick HIS ass FIRST?

I don’t know the first damn thing about Swizz Beats former marriage to Mashonda, but I can confidently tell you this in reference to ANY strong relationship: NO ONE PERSON can come between a couple – unless that relationship was already SERIOUSLY flawed before the other person came in the picture. When a man who TRULY loves his woman is presented with an opportunity to beat up NEW nani, he clearly understands that he can only RISK as much as he’s willing to LOSE, and if the situation he’s currently in is NOT worth much, then that NEW-NEW will win every time.

Your relationship was already DAMAGED before she texted this pic to your man

Ladies and gentlemen, you need to stop blaming the other person for your relationship being OVER, because the truth is your relationship was hampered with deep-seeded issues that DAMAGED it beyond repair BEFORE the other person came into the picture. In fact, I would argue that even if that woman NEVER existed, your relationship was DOOMED to fail. Statistics from a major survey I read a couple years back revealed that over 85% of cheating men don’t sleep with their mistress on the first night they meet, which proves one thing: Cheating is NOT primarily caused by a man being mad and having a one night stand THAT night – cheating initially occurs after courting a woman for a minute while being unhappy in your relationship all the while.

People please understand that a sidepiece can not BREAK something that wasn’t already CRACKED beyond repair in the first place.

This Is Your Conscience

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