VH1 Doesn’t Hate Black People – They Are Just Glad We Hate Each Other

I read a very interesting, funny and smart blog yesterday on Bossy Girl, in reference to the recent premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, which essentially was a ratchet-spin off of the original ratchet Love & Hip-Hop show featuring a whole heap of scallywags and attention whores. I will [gladly] admit that I have NEVER watched ONE episode of EITHER show, but judging from the ignorant fight clips posted on Worldstarhiphop, I can ALREADY tell what that bullsh*t is all about. Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading her article, I COMPLETELY disagree with the premise that VH1 HATES Black people, because they DON’T – they are just glad we HATE each other in a manner that can make them a lot of PROFIT.

When VH1 started to reach out to the Black community by displaying Flava Flav’s crackhead self all-over TV, they realized something about Urban-Negroid Ratchetness: It pays – VERY handsomely. And that began an ONSLAUGHT of IGNORANT Black TV focused on the frowsiest members of our community making the BIGGEST asses of themselves, including:

– Flavor Of Love
– Strange Love
– I Love New York
– New York Goes To Hollywood
– New York Goes To Work
– Flavor Of Love Girls: Charm School
– I Love Money
– Real Chance Of Love
– Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme [and a bunch of other bullsh*t shows I’m probably forgetting]

But the one thing these shows have in common is that they attempted to appeal to Black folks by relying on low-hanging fruit and the most BASIC and frowsy common denominators: Raunchy sex appeal, violence and niggerish-ness – and on many levels, IT WORKED. So is VH1 really to blame? Can we say they REALLY hate Black folk? Or do they simply LOVE making money and we provide it to them in large supply by showing their ignorant shows MASSIVE support?

Did they really need to feature a Falcons player on the show? OH, that's a woman! My bad..

So my declaration is simply this – it’s Black people who REALLY hate Black people. We clamour to see images of ourselves on screen looking a hot damn mess, being loud, obnoxious and stereotypical, while collectively making Martin & Malcolm roll around in their graves like “See? This is why we can’t have nice things.” WE are the ones who are SO desperate for ignorance that we will gladly park our asses in front of the TV to witness RATCHETNESS from frowsy-negroes we don’t even know or never even heard of. It’s US who make these frowsy shows trend on Twitter – and it’s US who are responsible for the never-ending cycle of spin-off shows that somehow seem to find a way to ratchet up the, well, ratchetness.

And if there’s ONE thing I don’t wanna hear from ANY one of y’all, it’s the tired-ass “If there were more shows on TV presenting positive imagery of Black people, then we wouldn’t have to ‘resort’ to watching that crap!” And to all y’all who say that, I say SHUT. YOUR. DAMN. MOUTH. The reason y’all watch these shows is because you LIKE them, and the reason you DON’T watch documentaries on Sojourner Truth is because, deep-down, you find it BORING AS SH*T, but you don’t want to admit that for fear of being labelled an anti-intellectual and appearing dumb in the eyes of your colleagues – who, coincidentally, are ALSO watching the same sh*t on VH1 and not admitting it.

Let’s face the facts: Urban based TV shows, just like Urban based music, is trending towards being MORE frowsy and disgusting, and the reason it’s on air is NOT because the Networks have a secret agenda AGAINST us – it’s because we simply CAN’T get ENOUGH of the bullish*t.

This Is Your Conscience

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