A Good Man KNOWS When To Let A Good Woman GO [By: Amanda Scott]

I am a hopeless romantic at heart…I truly am, regardless of what some of my ex-boyfriends may say! I believe in true love, and love at first sight and having a “spark” when you first meet someone (and all that other traditionally-“girly” crap), but there is one thing that depresses me about new age relationships. It seems that men today are more interested in selfishly trapping women in non-beneficial relationships and then labelling us “b*tches” if we choose to leave the relationship solely based on the fact that we know there is someone better for us out there! OH MY BAD…I didn’t know spending weekends in your bachelor pad automatically means I’m yours forever?? *Shaking my head in disgust*

My best friend (who I’ve written about before on this site) just last month broke up with her time-wasting, unambitious and lazy boyfriend who neglected her and treated her like sh*t, so she could find a better man. Within the past couple weeks she has gone on 2 great dates with 2 great men who are both further ahead in life than her ex, and prepared to treat her much better than he ever did or could! Unfortunately…she still has a soft sport in her heart for her ex and occasionally she feels like she gave up on him too soon just to search for a more “polished” man (like Taraji P. Henson’s character at the end of Think Like A Man). But everyday I keep reminding her that “if he was truly a good man, he would know when it was time to let you go!”

He had more than enough chances to improve and be a better man for her personally and professionally, but he dropped the ball and never even bothered to pick it up. He was nothing more than a selfish dog! At least Michael Ealy’s character in Think Like A Man was trying to love Taraji while improving himself at the same time! But if a man is doing nothing to improve his station in life he should know full well it’s time to let her spread her wings, because love don’t pay the bills and a real relationship is about a hell of a lot more than good sex and corny jokes! That selfish man didn’t deserve my best friend because being a good man is knowing that you and your woman aren’t fully compatible anymore.

Like I said earlier, I am truly a hopeless romantic, but we need to be real here too! One my most cherished phrases is “If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.” I wish more men lived by this phrase because then a lot more women would learn a very important part of dating: “It’s much better to be single and happy, then boo’d up and miserable.”

Ain’t that the truth!

– AS

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