Call Me Crazy – But I Really Don’t Give A DAMN What ANY Celebrities Sexuality Is

There’s a rumour going around that Frank Ocean is possibly gay or bisexual. This rumour has been met with ANGER, JOY, SORROW, DISGUST, SELF-RIGHTEOUS RELIGIOUS INDIGNATION, CONFUSION, CLAIMS OF BRAVERY & COMPASSION – and then in the corner, far from the crowd, lies me and a small group of people who have only one thought about Frank (and other celebrities sexual-preferences): “Who cares?”

And to be honest, it’s not just about celebrities, it’s regarding ALL people, famous or not, who we are NOT currently smashing or dreaming of smashing. Lately, there’s been a recent rash of celebrity outings and although I support anyone with the strength to come out of the closet in these days and times, the fact of the matter is that their sexual activities neither add nor subtract anything to their craft – the thing I actually like about them – therefore I can’t participate in the gossiping. It simply means nothing to me. Being gay doesn’t make Frank a much better or much worst artist – and if you think his sexuality is tied to his talent or it’s an extremely noteworthy part of his intrinsic skill-set, you are probably an anti-intellectual DOUCHEBAG.

Apparently THIS is suppose to be a letter he typed to himself that explains his first love being a man:

By the time you read this, this letter will have gone MASSIVELY viral and will probably be flooding your Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook timelines. This letter will be met with people laughing at him, calling him nasty, a HOMO, a battybwoy and other degrading, BS-terms. But it will also be met with tears of joy, exuberance and proclamations of historic bravery. But what will be lost and overlooked in the debating, the rhetoric, the ignorant propaganda and the hyperbolic reactions is the simple fact that his sexuality does not DEFINE his talents.

That letter doesn’t really impress me, not because it’s not eloquent, but because it’s nothing less than what I would expect from a creative genius like Frank. If you are in shock and war over his deep wordplay and ability to reflect his emotions, I suggest you listen to one of his amazing mixtapes. Frank Ocean would be an amazing singer-songwriter whether he slept with men, women, or just masturbated every night with a silk noose tied around his neck.

And it’s not just him. Anderson Cooper, who also strolled out of the closet this week, would be a smart, witty, intelligent, brave and classy man whether he climbs on top of a man, a woman or a Furry-Unicorn jumpsuit.

Diana King, who recently revealed she is a lesbian, would have been the gorgeous, fiery and amazing artist behind “Shy Guy” regardless of who was making her cum at night.

As a young boy who was raised on Marvin Gaye records EVERY-DAMN-DAY, I remember growing up and hearing about the rumours that he might have been homosexual which is part of the reason why his father murdered him. It was at that point, I had a decision to make: Do I A) dislike Marvin because our sexual interests were not aligned? Or B) like his music more because of the increased level of context I can put behind his lyrics? Well I chose C) Continue to LOVE every single record he put out and not give a DAMN about his personal life – and that’s simply how I feel today.

If coming out of the closet is a positive thing for you, I’m happy for you, but convey that information to everyone else, because what you do in your bedroom will NOT make me HATE you or LOVE you.

One Love.

This Is Your Conscience

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