Dating Someone With Kids? Here’s How You Can Tell If You Should Get SERIOUS

Man up little nigga - daddy's too busy with his h0es in different area codes

Let’s be honest: As we all get older, the reality of dating someone with children from a previous relationship is a fact of life that most of us may have to eventually accept. While some people have problems with this, there are many people out there who are comfortable with dating a single parent, locking them down and building a serious life together. But here’s the one thing that too many people fail to acknowledge when they find themselves in this dating scenario: How your date treats their children is an insight into how they will treat any child you BOTH produce TOGETHER.

With that said, if you are looking to be in a serious relationship, and you are open to dating someone with kids, you NEED to watch HOW that person interacts with their children, because that will be a HUGE insight into what title is acceptable for you to give that person in the long run.

For example, yesterday I read a sad-ass article HERE about how Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn just had her 12th lawyer QUIT on her in her child-custody case with Dwayne Wade, citing irreconcilable differences. This may sound messed up to you, but the first thing I thought was “damn – I could NEVER see ANY sane man being in a SERIOUS relationship with this woman EVER.” Now I’m sure she has redeeming characteristics, but the reality is that she is a crazy chick who kidnaps her children, makes up lies about them in order to sue their fathers new girlfriend and uses them against him every chance she can get. OBVIOUSLY I DON’T know the entire story, but regardless of what he may have put her through, she is unfit to do anything more than be a F*^K-BUDDY for any new man that comes into her life.

I am a HUGE proponent of the ideology that how you begin a relationship is how it will end, and if you combine that thought with another truism, “when somebody shows you who they really are, believe them”, it equates into my beliefs about single parents and their treatment of their children. Dudes, if you meet a woman who stays dipped in red bottoms and high fashion clothing, but her son ain’t got but three outfits in his closet, cussing bad words and trying to emulate BS he saw in uncensored rap videos at recess during junior kindergarten, like:

Then the reality is that’s EXACTLY how YOUR kids with her are gonna end up, which means you should either BOUNCE or relegate her to nothing more than jump-off status and make sure that condom is strapped on with duct tape and adhesive.

Ladies, if you are dating a single father who either A) is NOT a part of his children’s lives or B) carelessly reproduces so much that he has to announce his children to you like this:

Then you need to either avoid that man like HIV, or relegate his ass to the friend zone. If he has so many baby mamas and/or children he doesn’t see, what makes you think that when YOU TWO get serious, your relationship will end up being any different?

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