I Don’t Give A DAMN What Your Opinion About KIM & KANYE Is

It seems nowadays everybody has an opinion on Kanye West & Kim Kardashian. Everybody SEEMINGLY knows whats best for them, if their relationship is a hoax or not, why Kanye should find a better woman and why Kim should jump off an overpass into oncoming traffic. But it doesn’t stop there – everyone seems to feel entitled to give cogent and logical advice to EVERYONE else in relationships these days and there’s ONE reason why it absolutely PISSES me off: Because anyone who offers advice that they don’t follow themselves is an absolute DOUCHEBAG.

When it comes to Kim and Kanye, my feelings are pretty much this:

So I’m NOT interested in the ins and outs of their real or fake union, but what I DO care about is the fact that so many people in our society want to appear to be endowed with the ability to deliver relationship advice that even they don’t follow, combined with their OWN self-righteousness which REALLY gets under my skin. On this weeks Relationships & Bullsh*t podcast I spoke about self-righteousness being the ONE negative characteristic that someone can have that will drive me absolutely insane, and it is MOST apparent when people condescendingly chastise other peoples relationship choices.

Let me say this very clearly so I am 100% understood: When it comes to sex, love and relationships we are ALL incredibly FLAWED. We ALL experience moments where we are weak, stupid, immature and irrational all in the name of trying to find, marriage or even just a nice, hard nut. But what’s hilarious about us as human beings is the second we see ANOTHER couple, we attempt to analyze and subsequently criticize their relationship – about sh*t that WE are JUST as guilty of too.

Fellas, I don’t wanna hear a DAMN thing Kanye wifing up a chick whose giving another man head and made a sex tape – because chances are YOUR girlfriend/wife has done the SAME thing. And y’all can MISS me with the “well she used it to get famous” debate, because MANY people have a price for fame/riches that they would be willing to pay. You think your girl is a cashier at Safeway instead of a millionaire-socialite because she CHOSE that life?

Ladies, I don’t wanna hear a DAMN thing about Kim K chasing the wrong men – as if YOU somehow have some magical power of insight that can detect which souls are perfect for each other. Hell, YOU need to stop acting like YOU make the best damn choices in your OWN life. The same women wasting keystrokes on Kim K’s men are the same frowsy looseball chicks dating unemployed dudes who have 7 kids and a history of felonies. Who the F*^K do YOU think YOU are to be handing out advice to ANYONE? Especially when you are incapable of taking your OWN.

And that’s why I will continue to repeat on this site that I try to offer INSIGHT instead of ADVICE, because the same sh*t I self-righteously criticize others for, will be the SAME BS that I do in my own personal life. So, you can state your opinion on Kim K and Kanye all you want [hell ANY other celebrity couple for that matter], but the second you want to condescendingly DISS them for all the same sh*t that YOU are guilty of, I will have to simply remind you of what I stated above:

This Is Your Conscience

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